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Thoughts – the Building Blocks of our life

circle of thought

Our thoughts build our personality, character and lives.  Our thoughts determine what we are and what we will be in future. Many find this hard to grasp, as we live in an era where substantiation is required before it is accepted.

I shall endeavour to weave through this article and future articles on this subject with the hope in the end to provide a tapestry that would be enlightening, thought provoking and substantiated for the belief, “our thoughts are our building blocks to our life”. We need to be continuously worked and building the base.

Many religions, philosophies, great thinkers, and high achievers affirm that we are actually the materialization of thought….

The Bible quotes, ‘As a Man thinketh so is he’

 Buddha reflects, ‘All matter is the manifestation of Thought’


Thoughts built upon thoughts, built upon thoughts, create the life’s we live or, as put succinctly by George Sala, “Thoughts engender thoughts”  ……. The more you think, the better you will express yourself.”

Emerson’s perspective is thoughts rule the world. He goes on to say there is no thought in any mind. Interesting? He goes on to say as soon as thought originates in the mind, it is converted immediately into power. Science today has proven that thought is a wave, an electromagnetic wave transmission. So thought is converted into power. What power?  PERSONAL POWER                        light bulb

It is commonly referred that men of action are, after all, only the unconscious instrument of the men of thought.

Thoughts in addition to forming the building blocks of life, they are the root source of personal power and it is through thought, that we attain personal success.

One of Dr Norman Vincent Pearl’s mantra is ‘Think Success, Visualize Success, and you will set in motion the power force of the realizable wish.’ When this mental picture is strongly held it actually controls condition, circumstances and creates the environment to germinate that thought into reality.

Just like an apple seed planted in the ground…. Unless the soil is tilled, roots & all debris removed, the soil watered, fertilized, cared and nurtured, only then will the seed germinate, and grow into a tree that will fruit thousands of apple in its life time. The same applies to thought, with a difference, it has a greater rate of return on investment, than what was derived from the apple seed. 

How many of us nature and create that ambience for that thought to flourish……This I shall be covering in future articles.

To quote from one of the Mystic Yogi’s……

Music means various types of sounds:

When they’re in Tune it becomes Music:

Out of tune it becomes noise.

The same with YOU

If all the different ingredients of who you are is in tune,

You are like music; out of tune you become noise’


Our mind reverberates in the same form, Music or Noise….. We need to master the art of control of our mind and direct it with that SINGLENESS OF PURPOSE……

As we journey through, our thoughts determine what we are and what we will be, our thoughts are our source of personal power, and our thoughts are our principle means of our successful achievements. It is these thoughts that can bestow upon us the gifts of happiness and pleasures.

Thousands of years of wisdom, experience and observation have proven, beyond any doubt, that you will become what you think….

So what should we think?

If we let our mind to drift, it will idly contemplate, like a river meandering through a flat plane as it approaches the sea. It begins to form distributaries…. The mind too will form distributaries…. of thoughts / ideas, and none will surpass or materialize in any form….


Whatever happens to attract its attention it will set in motion a chain of thoughts one leading to another and endlessly drifting….As opposed to having a DOMINANT THOUGHT in our mind… this dictates to the mind and triggers a set of process to move in that set direction… as we create certain habit patterns this will be further reinforce and by repetition of this same process these thought are embedded and well set for the inevitable achievement…. David Nair


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