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Miracles do happen…… when we learn to tap the power within each of us….

Single engine crash 1In the early hours of a fog light morning in 1981, Morris Goodman, head of a large Insurance firm, had taxied his single engine plane on to the runway, ready for take-off. All was clear and Morris was up in the air flying. Within ten minutes into his flight time Morris hit a fog density zone and lost clear visibility. Before he knew it his plane was entangled in power lines and crashed….
When the salvage crew arrived, all claimed that there would be no survivors from this crash site…. On reaching the cockpit they found Morris still with a pulse or two struggling for his life. The paramedics rushed Morris to the hospital. On arrival and when the doctors examined him, they found his neck was broken in two places (the first and the third vertebrae), the nerves to his diaphragm had been severed, and his diaphragm was crushed, so badly that he lost the ability to sallow, to speak, and to breathe without a respirator. His nervous system was so badly damaged in places that it caused dysfunction of his kidney and liver and he was paralyzed from neck down. His doctors gave him a meek possibility of survival. Even if he did survive he would never gain control of his body and its function, and would remain a vegetable in a wheel chair for the rest of his life. That was the turnaround of Morris’s condition with hours of him leaving his home that morning.
In fact a few of the doctors gave up hope on him, and announced this to his waiting family at the hospital theater lounge.
Morris’s closest connect as a child and as he grew up, was his sister. She understood and knew the will and tenacity of Morris’s mind. Despite what the doctors said, his sister vowed that she was going to work with Morris on his survival… Sitting by the motionless vegetable bedside of Morris Goodman, his sister was waiting….. And waiting….. She kept asking if he heard her to give a sign…. And after hours of patient waiting, Morris winked his eyes… That was the start for them to put their minds together in re-building Morris… His sister went through the process of creating charts for them to communicate, she asked the question and he winked number of time to indicate the answer yes, no, or maybe. Morris had, in his business created a habit of working with goals… though he was motionless, his mind was ticking and he mapped out in his mind the blueprint for him successful walking out of hospital before Christmas…. That was a mere eight months away. He and his sister and family work through the month’s relentless chipping at it and in a lot of instances Morris would give up hope, but at that moment in flies hope from fellow patients, who had observed how hard Morris pushed himself to get up from a fall the 100th time etc. and that was his anchor for his next betterment. In all of this Morris had to initially create that shield around him to avoid SNIOP (Susceptible to the Negative Influence of Other People). They went to the extent of having a plaque titled SNIOP, created and place by his bedside.

Despite all odds, what saved Morris’s life…… his unconditional BELIEF & FAITH that he would be cured and he would walk out of hospital for Christmas? This was despite what all the doctors and nurses would say, it was impossible and that he was not being realistic about the injuries.
Morris would many times rebuff them by saying, I do not care what medical science expected, and it is when I lose my expectation than I am gone…. He lived by this motto, in the board rooms of his Insurance business and he lived his life with them….

Through the use of creative visualization, intense Physiotherapy, verbalization and dogged determination, Morris baffled his doctors and started on the road to recovery. Slowly he had to relearn how to breathe, eat, swallow and these reflexes were built. His next was to work and control his limb movements.
Within the set time Morris recovered to walk out of hospital before Christmas.
Morris worked with hope, and with the help of universal law defied all impossibility from the surrounding to achieve his outcome….. WALK OUT OF HOSPITAL BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

This is the same Morris, who was interviewed in “The Secret”

Friends, this is a preamble to my future articles on Belief….. And its journey within each of us.

God Bless David

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