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Energy Flow within oneself for mainfestation

“The flow of energy in the least resistant path, is what manifests matter from thought” as succinctly expressed “Matter is the manifestation of Thought” –Buddha

For most, this flow is torrid, caused due to the past experiences in life, their learning’s and exposure……

Many carry this baggage through life, not knowing that they are doing so, thus journey with that burdensome life, others no so and yet again for others a good smooth journey. This is cemented due to the mix of great, good, fair and bad experiences and learning’s.

The flow path for this energy within oneself in all situation finds different levels of resistance as it journeys through us. For some it is blocked, therefore it’s no wonder, why life too is not giving them what they deserve. For other the flow is free and thus the manifestation is readily achieved. That is why many teachers, gurus, scholars “when you are ready you will receive what you ask. Put it simply you will achieve your goal. It is unfortunate, life can only give back what they truly are, in mind, body and spirit……

The reason to cleanse internally, heal oneself of these torrid hurdles, is to allow that flow of energy to take place with the least resistance. This is identical to Ohm’s theory….. The least resistance put in a wire, the more current will flow through it and light up the area. The higher the resistance the less the current flowing through it, and light up the area accordingly.

“Energy is the bridge that connects the elements of Matter & Thought for manifestation” …… David nair

Energy Flow

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