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Intentions / Desire

Intentions Happy

Within every intention and desire lies an organised power to fulfil its individual purpose. We need to initiate this process by harnessing this power and introducing this intention / desire to the Sub Conscious and the Universe. For the IT geeks this is like inserting software into your hardware.

The process to clinch our desire with the aid of cosmic energy is simple but needs enormous amount of practice with diligent patience.

We need to close our eyes and get into a state of silence, release all current woes, concerns and just be in that state of “nothingness”. Thoughts will constantly be fluttering in and out… let it be do not fight it.

While this is happening, we get into the rhythm of the flow by repeating an Affirmation, or tune Quite Mindinto our breathing, and flow with it.. with repeated such practice we will feel  our breathing slow down and become shallow, our thoughts are not rush as it was in it past, instead it is spaced out. This does not happen overnight… takes lots of practice. It is in these states of stillness, quietness, tranquillity that we release our Intentions and Desires to the universe……

That seed sown into the universe will take time to germinate…. We need to regularly reconnect, to allow the warmth of water and fertilizer (affirmations, visual boards, congruency in thinking) to allow that seed to bloom… In so doing the intention / desire is achieved…….

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“Matter is a manifestation of Thought” – BUDDHA

prepbuddha restingMost of us work very hard, toil through the day on routine operations and wonder why we are where we are? Why is life not treating me right? I am putting as much effort but do not seem to just get above it all? Why is he/she so much more luckier? What is happening to me?  Some go to the extent …. Why has God forsaken me?


The strength of the effort is the measure of the result. Circumstance does not make the person, instead it reveals the person.

This is not the effort of work, the energy dissipated from one run to the next run of tasks…. Though they are important, but not vital. What is it then?

The effort put in crystallizing that “Padi Field” in our mind. How have we cultivated that field? Have we nurtured it, if so how well and how regularly? Are there weeds in that field? What type of weeds? Some are deep rooted, which creates the type of person we are, the habits we have, the behavior we have, the look of the world we have… All this from that little field …. The mindthought mainfestation

What have we done to remove those weeds? What are we doing to prepare that “Padi Field”? How are we preparing that “Padi Field” The strength comes from that preparedness of the mind. What have we really doing to prepare it? What are we doing daily to feed it? What are we doing to protect it from the birds and the bees? This is especially so where in some cultures our relatives care so much for us that they live our life’s of us? Do they know how to infuse into us that required fertilizer? In a lot of these cases the answer is a resounding NO. Then just be polite to them and in your own way say “SHUT UP” “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”

The question is what do we do then?

Just go back to your own self, through introspection, silence and some who have moved to the next level Meditation, ….. seek from within the answer.

Believe that it will come from within…

As I have always said “Prayer is our conversation with God and Meditation is God’s conversation with us.”

A chatter box mind will not resolve this ….. A quite, Calm, Cool Collected mind sitting in silence for the solution… This is the strength that comes from preparedness of the mind that will deliver what we want. When there is congruence between what is within and what we want, it polarizes and draws the required energy to pave for that manifestation of that thought. As Buddha say, “Matter is a manifestation of Thought”mind manifestation

This is what and how most if not all our Gurus have worked through in achieving their fulfillment. The same applies with us mere mortals.

I hope this food for thought has provided that digestion for Self Achievement.


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