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The Confidence in YOU?

Hi Friends,

Reflect over the last few months… has fear stopped you, from asking for a raise, starting a business, asking for a date or simply interacting with people during daily activities. You are not alone.

ImproveSelfEsteem_thumbNow think back, how many times, have you been stopped, from doing something you really wanted to, because of lack of confidence, fear, doubts? Mind question such as; Am I really able to do it? What if I failed? What will my friends say if I tried to do it? Will my friends feel like I am deserting them? This and myriads of other questions are swirling in your mind…. In most instances we are stopped by that obstacle, commonly referred to under this umbrella called FEAR. That has limited you from proceeding towards accomplishing that idea, that success.

Friends this does not have to be the case ……

In ONE segment of the IXL Breaking through Development Program (BDP), we will be working through, what is this fear that is holding you back, how to overcome this limiting belief, and how to combat it in your situation, such that you will not be shadowed by this dark cloud ever.

Event Website:

For this intervention, you will learn precisely how to develop the unshakeable self-confidence that will lead you straight to success, and leave that fear in the distant past.

Always remember, no one starts off poised and confident in every situation. Fortunately, self-confidence is a learned behavior. And we will be teaching you the process to inculcate this in you daily life.

By the end of the first day you will see how we have integrated the patterns of change for you to understand this science of Self-Confidence, and how to experience the incredible power that comes from within YOU.

When you discover how to work with these patterns of Self-Confidence, you will:
• Build up enough confidence within yourself and the clarity of how to enjoy a higher standard of living for you and your family.
• You will become the centre of attraction, popular and a very likeable person
• You will have developed the inner power and become a more persuasive person
• You will with confidence speak up and out clearly in any interactions you would have with people
• You will be looked up to, admired, and be sought after person
• You will be well appreciated, recognized, and acknowledged for your contributions to family, work & community

This segment has been developed and worked with thousands of participants, so it’s a proven TIME TESTED method to empower YOU, eliminate your doubts and fears and ultimately, succeed in every area of your life.Self esteem

Testimonials from Past Participants:!testimonials/c1wbh

Please do not hold back, register today for the program and create that required shift.

Book your ticket at:

To your ultimate success,
It’s your life, your choice.
Be there!

You deserve it.
David Nair

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