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Deflection comes with inner strength

inner_strength 5We progress from the last article on Intention / Desire, to be the right type of evidence collector. This is the main environmental ingredient for that seed to germinate.

The experience off working with clients last week, did reflect how strong one needs to be, to equip one – self, to bounce back like a full blown basketball, or fall into the traps laid by some…..  To bounce back is very easy, to say, then to do. Shake the dust and move on man as some would say….. but without that inner strength it is going to be mighty difficulty…

This experience…. can be seen as a self- perpetuating draw cart…:

One of the big differences between sad people and happy people is that sad people become negative evidence collectors, dutifully looking for awful things, people, events, to put into a mental folder labelled “PROOF LIFE IS AWFUL”.

Awesome Life 1Happy people on the other hand are “positive evidence collectors,” constantly looking for AWESOME things, people, and events to put into a mental folder labelled “PROOF LIFE IS AWESOME.”

Because happy people collect AWESOME not AWFUL stuff, they notice and attract more AWESOME stuff, thereby filling up their mental folders with lots of happy evidence that LIFE IS INDEED AWESOME.”

By constantly anchoring on these awesome experiences they move forward and not wallow in self-pitying state….

Make your life an AWESOME LIFE….

It is amazing what this little shift in mind-set means to be able to draw towards that seed of intention the right congruent mix to allow the Law of attraction to come into sync with the request and manifest that request.

Love David Nair

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