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Life Skill …. Small Shift generating Big Gains

early-bird-offers201296624 An Offer…. Only for Chennai registrations……. Act Promptly.

For a wider reach of these Life Skill Principle, and its benefit to percolate through, we have decided to revisit the pricing solely for the program in Chennai. Early bird registration – Rs. 4200 for the two day program. This Offer closes on midnight Tuesday the 16th September.

To avail of this offer, fill the registration form at our event website register now

Or email your contact details (including your mobile number) to: and we will get back to you.

Please keep in mind this offer will close on midnight 16th September.

This is a 48 hour weekend transformation session designed to create the shift in YOU: as a person, transforming your mindset, you’re thinking, your level of confidence, your fears, your energy, your relationship, and the way you live…allow us to share experience in the following areas to what happens to you when it becomes a Habit..

unconscious triangle

You walk in on Saturday & walk out on Sunday…. In 48 hours, experience the life transforming shift within from the unconscious mind circleideals you learn, the systems you learn, the tools you learn that will bring ground breaking changes in the way you feel and the emotions you express… Use of 10% of your mind has got you where you are today.


A holistic self-development program that will make you a person of magnificence and magnetism.

self talk triangleThe term mediocrity will no longer be applicable to you.

Your token to excellence is right here, grab it!

A complete transformation to be that CUTTING EDGE PERSON.

Date and Venue:
Chennai: 20th and 21st of September at Hotel Vestin Park, Egmore, Chennai.

Please visit our Event Website for details of the topics covered and to register.
Event Website:

We are on a roll, following similar sessions in Australia, Malaysia & UK. Do not postpone your success, the right time is NOW.

Re-charge, Re-vitalize and Re-create your life, the way you want it!Register2

For some people, failure is simply not an option. If you are among those, register now and reserve your seat.

Stay Great, Stay Charged & Present your GREATEST SELF to the world.
David Nair
Mob: +919841428802

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Power of Thoughts

I Can & I WillDay 2: Reflective Moments: The power of our thoughts and feelings allows us to manifest our desires. The challenge is, in harnessing our ever shifting perspectives, so that we can focus upon the thoughts, that can make a positive difference.

Working with our thoughts consciously, allows our awareness and experience of life to unfold its potential. The key is to be open to change, and express ourselves from a higher perspective on life.

“By choosing your thoughts,
and selecting which emotional currents you will release
and which you will reinforce,
you will determine the quality of your light.
You will determine the effects that you will have upon others,
and the nature of the experience of your life.” Gary Zukav

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Expressing Your Hurt

    hurt face

Reflecting thoughts from recent issues that have come to the fore when working with people in different corporate positions…… Superior subordinate relationship, peer relationship, life relationship. For all off this, some basics, in approach, might help ease the pain. It is imperative to always remember, in such situations never, never, never should we argue, defend or justify one’s case. Instead we should try one’s best to have a, rapport built platform, for discussion. Here are my thoughts for “THE FEW”, who have asked on how to resolve such pain……. for the others, enjoy this slant on my perceptive to HURT……..

The surest way to become unhappy is to keep your hurt inside.

If there is a secret to mental health, this is it: tell the people who hurt you that they hurt you when they hurt you.

Hurt is the pain of the moment. Hurt is happening right now. Its cause is right in front of you. Hurt speaks for itself motivating you to limit your pain.

Anxiety is pain in the future. It may happen and then again, it may not. Anxiety inspires you to get out of the way of danger.

Withheld hurt turns into anger.

Anger helps you express your hurt by energizing you to protect yourself.

When you hold in hurt, you redirect your anger at yourself. Such inward anger is called guilt. It serves no positive purpose. It only makes you think of getting even, fills your head with bad thoughts, and erodes your self-confidence as you begin to doubt your goodness.

hurt words

Obviously the only anger that makes sense is still attached to the hurt that caused it.

You need to learn to express your hurt as it happens.

Telling someone how he or she hurt you can be risky, because the person who hurt you is probably someone you care about.

What if the other person calls you “oversensitive” or tells you that your hurt is unimportant and doesn’t take your feelings seriously?

If the other person doesn’t care about your feelings, he or she doesn’t care about you. The sooner you know this the better. Why waste more time?

What if the other person says he or she hurts you out of anger because of being hurt by you? It’s a good time to discover the truth, clear the air and become friends again.

What if the other person can’t remember hurting you or simply denies that the hurtful event ever took place?

He or she may be telling the truth, because most people do not hurt others intentionally. When you are silent it is sometimes hard for others to recognize that you have been hurt.hurt women

Expressing your hurt sometimes puts your love or friendship on the line. It always tests your love for yourself.

It is always the right thing to do in any relationship that you value.

Express your hurt as simply and as directly as possible when you first notice it.

Tell the other person how you were hurt. You can mention that you are angry but don’t display the anger or attack. That will only hurt the other person, who won’t be able to listen, making matters worse.

Whatever you do, don’t allow you’re hurt to age.

If you cannot express your hurt to another person, you cannot express your love, for anger blocks positive feelings.

If you value your love you need to express your hurt.

Holding in hurt is the way that love dies.

Meditative Statement:

“I show my hurt when I am hurt so I can feel love the rest of the time.”

Have an expressive happy journey……..   David Nair

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