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Malaysia 2nd Independence – Bersih 4

I have had many personal queries and comments on my global posts of Bersih sent out during this week. Many have quipped why bring politics into what I promote and stand for in my work with empowerment of people.

Bersih 4Bersih, is not just a street March, It is the tipping point for this nation.

Malaysia has weathered a fabulous journey of growth, prosperity and this is not shown just in the physical infrastructure that surrounds the nation today, but more in its people, a tribe (I felt the urge for a social media term), that is well educated; in country and some have settled in various parts of the world. Many had claimed that brain drain on the country loosing such caliber of people in 60’s, 70’s, 80’s & 90’s, to another country, could have been stopped if ……. (The reasons are numerous – not for this blog).

A tribe with a special type of Comradeship, a twig in its flavor, of how it deals and interacts with people…. That innate flavor (a special blend of the east and the west) is rarely found elsewhere, in the colonized world, Lah! This is one part of what the people are fighting for today, in particular freedom.

The other outcomes expected are:Bersih 4 street rally

• Free & fair elections,
• Transparent government,
• Strengthen the parliamentary system,
• Save the national economy,
• Right to Dissent.

Leaving all of this aside, the last thing we do not want to see is where our parents, migrants from India, China and other parts of the world came to this country with the HOPE of providing something better for their children. They toiled hard and contributed to where we are today and where the nation was in the lime light days. We cannot had over to our children (even if they are living abroad – the homing instinct for Malaysia is there amongst them) a broken nation. Bersih is the unified force to create that change……

Bersih 4 flagMalaysia it’s time for a CHANGE…

It’s time for our 2nd Independence.

I would like to share the views of the former president of the Bar Association in Malaysia and Co – Chairperson of Bersih…. Ambiga Sreenevasan.

Unfortunately the Malaysian Government, yesterday has banned a number of website, in it’s bid to curtail freedom of speech…. This was one site that was targeted by the government. there are other ways to circumvent the hurdle….


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