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“To-Do List” – Value Add or Valueless to your daily operations?

Did you know that your unfinished “to-do list” can give you negative vibes and create a failure programming in your belief system?

A“to-do list” is an asset to some people hence, a positive tool

It could sometimes have a negative impact. Others might find “to-do lists” motivating and organized, but on another side, when we fail to meet the more complete “to-do list,” we unconsciously program a negative thought into ourselves for non-completion of that task.

This immediately triggers the Hunter instinctive mind in us, which in the first instance through autopilot mode is conditioned to see what task is incomplete. It then proceeds to see what is complete.

Why is this the case? Our brain is hardwired to initially approach a situation from a Self – Preservation standpoint.

Therefore “to do List” might not be the right instrument to measure and track our performance in achieving our goals. This negative influence on our conditioning will build up and fill us with self-doubt, which triggers us questioning our capabilities and self-esteem.

Such repeated falls become a demotivator in us trying to achieve our long-term goals. Such repeated results will stop us from taking action. This becomes overwhelming and multiple such falls will stop us from seeing the outcomes we had planned to achieve.

We often go through this state when we just commence with our “to-do lists”.

In the heat of enthusiasm, we try to push ourselves beyond our limit but what we end up with finally is negative stroke and doubts. Learn to be consciously aware of the right way to move towards your goals to achieve or accomplish them. Work on the process in the right way by first Knowing You, then, Building You.

Each one of us is unique; hence we will need a plan customized for ourselves, which is suitable for us to use, and which is self-motivating to keep us working at it till we manifest our goals.

Uncompleted “to-do lists” can create Unconscious Stress. Matters sometimes do not work out, the way you would like them to roll out. When you are in your most vulnerable state, is when you tend to take things personally.

This can be emotionally draining, and you will end up, constantly reevaluating your self-esteem. By not taking things personally, it gives you more control over how you respond, your emotions and your energy level. While a “to-do list” helps keep us on track, ever thought of a “stop doing list”?

The tasks we reach out to every single day to understand what needs to be done for the day but do not do it because it’s been on the back burner for so long. It has collected dust.

Simply put, it is a list of tasks or things you do not do, no matter what. It is a list that tells you, what you ought to not do so that by default you focus on what you are supposed to be doing.

Examples of a“stop-doing list”can be these items and more: –

  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Stop buying Great Deals on Flipkart and Amazon sales (the kinds you do not need but get lured into)
  • Stop checking emails/ Facebook constantly
  • Stop watching Netflix/tv beyond 30 mins a day
  • Stop being available to everyone all the time and it can go on etc. etc.

“The do it all on your Own” syndrome can sometimes be overwhelming. It is difficult and overwhelming to do the “stop doing list” and you will find it can help.

Please do drop us a line to share your thoughts on this concept and how you are working through it.

David Nair.

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Change – The Delta Factor

When any experienced Executive Leader / Seasoned Business Manager is asked the question, what are the main factors for success in Business?

ISuccess Keyn most cases the response is Vision, Courage and Determination.

This is interpreted as having a crystal clear and compelling Vision; The Courage to take the steps needed to achieve the milestones towards that Vision and the determination to keep up the steps to achieve the desired Vision.

Great response as many would say….

In actual fact there is a fourth factor, which is vital to achieve any desired results in the business world.

This fourth factor, I would like to call the DELTA FACTOR, is ‘CHANGE’.

Many overlook this factor and take it for granted. But! If we understand the importance of this factor and empower it, we will achieve Life’s abundance of success with ease.

As quoted by Winston Churchill “To improve is to Change, to be perfect is to Change often “.fish Change

In today’s violate world…. What is “Hot” today is unheard off tomorrow. Similarly, if we want to be successful in our Career, Business, Family, Relationship having the vision, courage, and determination alone will not help. We need to compliment it with an understanding and learn, the art of Change to perfection.

Proud to say this Organisation IXL Incorporated masters that concept of CHANGE, and simplistically puts forth a few steps on how we could inculcate it into our daily routine to cement and skilfully adapt through change to achieve our aspirations.

Within each of us is an innate resource of inexhaustible and potent potentiality. This when tapped and caressed rightfully will enable us to achieve our life’s ambitions without the stress and strain.

If we truly desire to be successful in business, if we truly desire to step out of line and build something creative, if we truly desire to mould our own life and create our own destiny; as long as it is true & deeply entrenched desire, not just wishful thinking or fanciful dreaming, than it will be manifested.

“Whatever the Mind of Man or Women, can CONCEIVE & BELIEVE, He / She will ACHIEVE.

We are our own worst enemies….. Our attitudes, beliefs, fears and limitations.

We all have this problem in one way or another and it’s ingrained into us at varying levels. The problem of our egos, our fears, our false or limited thinking which hinders our greatness to flow from within and take that real form of that great success we have dreamt. At IXL Incorporated they show how to remove these ingrained habits, and teach us how to SOAR LIKE AN EAGLE. They teach us how to shatter that lack of Confidence.

They also teach how to adapt to that change and keep refining it, for that excellence to unfold. How to be a life-long learner, ambitious, and focused on our personal and professional growth and to release the imprisoned splendour within each of us.

A few reflective thoughts: Do we have the guts to grow in a different but thoughtfully mapped out way. Or, are we willing to stay stuck in the quicksand of same old way? Are we ready to make that Leap? Are we ready to Change? If so look no further…

Register2Register for the Transformation session and run with that flow which will steer your life to unbelievable heights. Proof of the pudding is already in the hands of many corporate employees, who today are practicing some of these principles that was taught as they scale up the corporate ladder.

Thank You Guest Blogger Anish


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Our Breakthrough Development Program is reaching your city!



Are you committed to strive for EXCELLENCE?

  • No matter what your friends, relatives or peers think about you
  • No matter what crises erupt in your personal life
  • No matter what happened to you in the past
  • No matter how your study grades have been so far
  • No matter how you performed at your last performance appraisal
  • No matter how bad the stock market performs
  • No matter how far the elections fair

No matter what….no matter how, do you want to make this year the best year of your life so far?

Then you’ll want to see the paradigm shift that we, the people empowering team at IXL desire to bring in each one of you.

You can learn all about it at:

The founder David, with his co-trainer Varsha will help you achieve levels of success you’ve never thought possible. They have brought about transformation in countless others, and can do it for you too.

What makes us so confident?

David has distilled the most important principles he’s studied, taught, and lived, for more than 30 years into one system and developed this Breakthrough Development Program (BDP) to motivate and guide those who are committed to excel but lack the necessary tools to do so.

And here’s the best part…
This BDP isn’t limited to creating only financial success (although they do create amazing financial results); it actually helps you create outrageous levels of success in all parts of your life, thus leading you to the path of fulfillment, mental stability and happiness.

Plus, this Program doesn’t dependent on anything but YOU. They work in good economic times and bad.

Now you can learn and practice the most powerful of these tools under David & Varsha’s guidance and bring everlasting changes in you that you have always dreamed about.

                                                    >>> Guarantee Your Success in 2014 <<<

You’d normally have to invest a huge amount of your time and Lakhs in rupees (or more) to get access to this type of training.

But now you can learn the “best of the best” processes and techniques in a weekend, and for a fraction of a price.

You can learn all about it at:

Why is this workshop one-of-its-kind?

  • Here, you’ll master the most powerful tools that the world’s most successful people use to succeed … and learn how to use these practical skills to achieve your own goals in 2014 and beyond.
  • You’ll dramatically increase your clarity, focus and power.
  • You’ll also discover the latest breakthroughs about how the power of your intention and thought help you create physical and financial results.
  • And you’ll develop the momentum and support that will carry you throughout the rest of the year after which you are guaranteed to become unstoppable.

This information about how conscious intention affects your deepest desires goes far beyond what many success / self help books would provide. Here, we show you how to develop your environment such that the laws of attraction will actually work in your life.

For some people, failure is simply not an option.

If you are one among those, click the link below to register and reserve your seat. You can also register for your loved ones and let us bring significant, life transforming changes in them, too.

Register here:

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We will get back to you shortly.

Be well,
David Nair
CEO & Founder


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Awaken the Giant in US

How many of us have at time reflected on what we have been doing for the last number of years. Have we achieved what we wanted to achieve? If No, then continue to do what we are doing, do you thing we can achieve what we want? In most instances the answer is No. Therefore we need to CHANGE.

How? The answer is within each of us, Awaken the giant within us.


Collectively, that’s the richest source of wealth in the entire world. Nothing ever invented, nothing ever dreamed of, produced, or multiplied a thousand times over could ever match the wealth that lies in the untapped potential of our minds and our beings!

The libraries are filled…and news articles abound…with story after story of awkward kids, young people who couldn’t pass exams in school, athletes who didn’t make the team early on. Yet some way, somehow, they went on to great success!

So how did all of these people separate themselves from the “average” the ordinary mass of people, comprising the 80% within the Bell curve?

They made a conscious choice and a conscious decision to do whatever they had to do to wake up the sleeping giant.

They set a goal to tap their unused potential. And with practice, practice, practice, practice, dedication, commitment, and hard work they move up that notch.

Some basic steps to awake that giant within each of us I have never seen them fail to produce the required result!


Believe that we do have a sleeping giant within and an untapped potential that you are unique and different and that we can develop and grow and achieve.


Just like gravity is here to stay to indefinitely, so will the Law of Expectation.
Living life with positive expectancy produces great rewards. Remember, the only limitations we will ever have are those we place on our self.


Never see our self as who, we are now, instead how we would be, if you wake up the giant and develop our hidden potential. Always remember each success draws us closer to the mental picture that you have of our new future and the satisfaction that comes from accomplishing the step-by-step goals that we have set.


Constantly repeating our goals statements, rein enforces in us that the results are achievable. It is the turbo boost, the speed that inoculates us for the run to success.

*     Get emotionally involved!
**      Become passionate!
***       Get excited!
****        Become enthusiastic!
*****         Feel your adrenaline pump!
******          And feel the sleeping giant awaken.

Happy Journey……..

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Being sensitized helps build Rapport

Being sensitized helps build Rapport

Early this week on returning home late from a Training program, I met a couple, Priya & Subu in the foyer of my apartment.  As the lift arrived at the ground floor, I picked up both my training bags and stood aside, waiting for the couple to walk into the lift. Interestingly enough, the lady walked in and the man waited and ushered me to go into the lift. Hmmm, I thought.

Within the split second a thought flashed into, me…. There is something different about these people… what is it I need to find out……. The Man followed me into the lift and the doors closed.

The lady asked me which floor I would like to go?

I replied, “7 please”.

She pressed my floor number, followed by their floor number, which ended up being 8.

Curiosity built within me. I must know what is the difference in timages[2]his couple?

So I politely asked looking at both of them, “are you new here?”

The lady responded “No”, and immediately proceeds to say we own the apartment on the 8th floor and have been living in China for the last five years.

Aha, that explains the difference exposure, different lifestyle & interacting with different culture. I asked “how come China?”


The lady answered, “my husband is working in China”. Wow I said that must be fascinating. My immediate question Where in China? To which the man responded Shanghai, and I am a senior manager with a manufacturing plant……

I said, “I was in China in the 90’s and did do business in South China and Shanghai. There was an immediate click, I could see their body language, and expression and mannerism light up. By this time, the lift had arrived on my floor. They both stepped aside to make way for me to get out of the lift, with my large training bags. No sooner was I out of the lift, I saw the lady and the man come out and we continued our conversation in the foyer of the 7th.

images[1] (2)

The lady shared many experiences of CHANGE that had transformed them as a couple since their move to China. I shall release those experiences in later segments. For now, I just wanted to address change that had transformed this lady from being a shy, quiet, “homemaker” (a term I am still to come to grips with) to this confident effervesce lady.

I asked her what triggered that change. Her response… exposure and the need to do it, as there is no one else to day it, there you are on your own. So whether you are frightened or not you have to do certain things. I thought Wow. What learning’s from this encounter? When one has the back to the wall, one will have to confront, move forward, as there is no place else to go but forward…

Hmmm if only some of us caught this click of experience from the lady. The man then added, we knew where we were, whilst we were working here in India, well cocooned in our comfort zone. I would get up at six; get ready to go to work. Priya, would prepare the breakfast and lunch for me. I leave home at 7am and repeat this melodrama over and over again. In China, I also get up at 6am, Priya also prepares my breakfast and lunch, but it’s different…

What’s the difference? I ask and he responds being outside our comfort zone, taking calculated risks. Again I thought Wow. Subu made it a point to reiterate, David it is not that one has to go abroad but just the fact we made the decision to Change… If I look at the growth that has transformed Priya into being the person she is today, she would have had to live 10 life’s in India to do so, and with me I would have had to live 100 life’s… What an interesting perspective. By this time Priya, commented to her husband, I think, David needs to go, as he has had long day training. Look at our clock and it was 45 mins talk in the foyer of the 7th floor.

Powerful learning’s from the short encounter…Moments to reflect and ponder…

  • Being Sensitize to verbal & nonverbal cues to build on rapport
  • Asking the right type of questions to enhance communication 
  • Decision Making based on facts
  • Understanding of one’s true potential and drawing that power from within each of us
  • Understanding cultural differences and adapting to it.
  • Unlearning old die hard habits and relearning new productive habits
  • And the list can keep going on & on….

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