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Intentions / Desire

Intentions Happy

Within every intention and desire lies an organised power to fulfil its individual purpose. We need to initiate this process by harnessing this power and introducing this intention / desire to the Sub Conscious and the Universe. For the IT geeks this is like inserting software into your hardware.

The process to clinch our desire with the aid of cosmic energy is simple but needs enormous amount of practice with diligent patience.

We need to close our eyes and get into a state of silence, release all current woes, concerns and just be in that state of “nothingness”. Thoughts will constantly be fluttering in and out… let it be do not fight it.

While this is happening, we get into the rhythm of the flow by repeating an Affirmation, or tune Quite Mindinto our breathing, and flow with it.. with repeated such practice we will feel  our breathing slow down and become shallow, our thoughts are not rush as it was in it past, instead it is spaced out. This does not happen overnight… takes lots of practice. It is in these states of stillness, quietness, tranquillity that we release our Intentions and Desires to the universe……

That seed sown into the universe will take time to germinate…. We need to regularly reconnect, to allow the warmth of water and fertilizer (affirmations, visual boards, congruency in thinking) to allow that seed to bloom… In so doing the intention / desire is achieved…….

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