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Change – The Delta Factor

When any experienced Executive Leader / Seasoned Business Manager is asked the question, what are the main factors for success in Business?

ISuccess Keyn most cases the response is Vision, Courage and Determination.

This is interpreted as having a crystal clear and compelling Vision; The Courage to take the steps needed to achieve the milestones towards that Vision and the determination to keep up the steps to achieve the desired Vision.

Great response as many would say….

In actual fact there is a fourth factor, which is vital to achieve any desired results in the business world.

This fourth factor, I would like to call the DELTA FACTOR, is ‘CHANGE’.

Many overlook this factor and take it for granted. But! If we understand the importance of this factor and empower it, we will achieve Life’s abundance of success with ease.

As quoted by Winston Churchill “To improve is to Change, to be perfect is to Change often “.fish Change

In today’s violate world…. What is “Hot” today is unheard off tomorrow. Similarly, if we want to be successful in our Career, Business, Family, Relationship having the vision, courage, and determination alone will not help. We need to compliment it with an understanding and learn, the art of Change to perfection.

Proud to say this Organisation IXL Incorporated masters that concept of CHANGE, and simplistically puts forth a few steps on how we could inculcate it into our daily routine to cement and skilfully adapt through change to achieve our aspirations.

Within each of us is an innate resource of inexhaustible and potent potentiality. This when tapped and caressed rightfully will enable us to achieve our life’s ambitions without the stress and strain.

If we truly desire to be successful in business, if we truly desire to step out of line and build something creative, if we truly desire to mould our own life and create our own destiny; as long as it is true & deeply entrenched desire, not just wishful thinking or fanciful dreaming, than it will be manifested.

“Whatever the Mind of Man or Women, can CONCEIVE & BELIEVE, He / She will ACHIEVE.

We are our own worst enemies….. Our attitudes, beliefs, fears and limitations.

We all have this problem in one way or another and it’s ingrained into us at varying levels. The problem of our egos, our fears, our false or limited thinking which hinders our greatness to flow from within and take that real form of that great success we have dreamt. At IXL Incorporated they show how to remove these ingrained habits, and teach us how to SOAR LIKE AN EAGLE. They teach us how to shatter that lack of Confidence.

They also teach how to adapt to that change and keep refining it, for that excellence to unfold. How to be a life-long learner, ambitious, and focused on our personal and professional growth and to release the imprisoned splendour within each of us.

A few reflective thoughts: Do we have the guts to grow in a different but thoughtfully mapped out way. Or, are we willing to stay stuck in the quicksand of same old way? Are we ready to make that Leap? Are we ready to Change? If so look no further…

Register2Register for the Transformation session and run with that flow which will steer your life to unbelievable heights. Proof of the pudding is already in the hands of many corporate employees, who today are practicing some of these principles that was taught as they scale up the corporate ladder.

Thank You Guest Blogger Anish


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Self Talk

Did you know that we are in constant communiqué with our self all day long?

No, not the mental chatter about activities and chores that we need to remember throughout the day. That’s a form of self- talk too – but I’m referring to the things we say to our self on a regular basis; and more importantly, the tone in which we say them.

When we make a mistake, do we berate our self angrily? Do we put our self’s down or call our self-derogatory names?

When we have a hard time making positive changes in our life, do we bemoan what a “worthless” person we are and conclude that we can’t do anything right?

Negative self-talk can be incredibly damaging to our self- esteem, especially if it’s a big part of our daily life. When we keep saying things like that to our self, eventually we begin to BELIEVE them!

Highest self-esteem and self-confidence are two of the “keys” to unlocking the door to our desires.

Most often these negative messages begin as statements uttered by the adults in our life when we were a child…. They may have said something negative about us when our actions displeased them, or perhaps they had a habit of saying unkind things even when we didn’t deserve it.

As painful as these experiences can be, even worse is when we pick up where they left off and we keep repeating the same negative messages to our self over and over!

The good news is that you can change our “self-talk” any time we want. The first step is to become AWARE of the ‘tone’ of your messages and consciously ‘replace’ them with more encouraging ones.

Try these simple steps for starters:

* Develop AWARENESS of your self-talk. It may take practice, but if you start “listening” in to our inner voice, we’ll begin to notice when we talk negatively to our self.

* CHALLENGE the negative messages. When we notice our self, saying something negative such as, “We’re such a screw-up, we can’t do anything right” – Stop our self and challenge that belief. Is that really true? Maybe we mess up sometimes, but do we ALWAYS mess up? Probably not

* REPLACE these negative messages with positive messages. When we realize we’re saying unkind and untrue things to our self, simply TURN IT AROUND in our mind.

Using the above example, we might say, “Wow, that’s not true at all! I do plenty of things right. It’s true I make mistakes, but so does everyone. I’m a good person and I try my best. That’s good enough for me.”

Over time, these efforts will pay off in the form of stronger self- esteem and RESPECT for Our self and our Capabilities. It probably won’t happen overnight, but the more we work at turning our self-talk in a more positive direction, the better we’ll feel about our self.

Make this our mission to ensure we are at that cutting edge to be in control of OUR SELF TALK.


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