IXL Incorporated (IXL Inc) is an International Organisation that focuses on People Development and Empowerment.

Based on our clients’ needs, we deliver customized quality programmes for personal and corporate excellence.

IXL Inc was founded in 1998 by David Nair, and has been instrumental in Training, Developing and Coaching of people from all walks of life.

Motivated by his desire to bring the best and fuelled with innovation, creativity, enthusiasm and passion, David and his team work diligently in imparting the required skills for achieving excellence.

At IXL Inc, we focus on two key drivers of performance – People & Process. Focussing on these two drivers, we offer a range of performance enhancement training and learning solutions aimed at empowering the individual. As the cliché goes – “You build the Individuals and the Individuals build the Organization.”

Our training lasts well beyond “Hot Bathing.” The team will use the Take Aways and transform their potential into bottom line results for themselves & the organization.

We deliver the best framework for PERSONAL EXCELLENCE to be Role Modelled and Anchored for future success.


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