Organizations like Vodafone, The Royal Bank of Scotland, KLA Tencor, Renault Nissan, Ebay, Philip Shared Services, Scope, Pearl Academy, Henkle, William Lea, Collabnet, avail of David Nair’s services as a Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, or Workshop Leader. They also engage David Nair when they need a leadership advisor/coach to help them get to all – new levels of performance/productivity and effectiveness.

We look forward to helping you so contact us today, to see how we could assist in empowering you team.

You are welcome to contact us and the form below is only for people and organizations interested in booking a presentation with David Nair.

Contact Us Form


By Snail Mail:
P.O.BOX 1043,
Australia. 4151.
By Telephone:
Landline: +914443855052
Mobile: +917299022266
Landline : 07 31032401
Mobile : +61412081636
By Fax: +61733973195
By Email:

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