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Self Motivation

We can wallow in self pity and suck our thumb, crying ‘poor little me‘ and live with that syndrome or work on getting that mental resilience to combat, and live the life possible… on you Shalini …. 👍WhatsApp Image 2018-02-13 at 9.18.13 PM

Extract of msg from Shalini….
* Courage.*

When I arrived to have my legs amputated, I was wearing bright purple nail polish on my feet. Might as well go out in style, I figured. A month had passed since my right arm decided to auto-amputate, just dropping off into my brother-in-law’s hands. A few months before that, my left arm had been amputated as well. Now it was time to move on.

I had been a successful 32-year-old, doing well at work, happily married and newly pregnant. I was just back from a vacation in Cambodia and reveling in ticking one off the bucket list when I fell sick with a fever. It all began rather innocently. And then it escalated, and how. Fever became organ failure. Organ failure became a brush with death. Months later, I had lost both my arms and legs to a bacterial infection that the doctor had heard of only in his exam.

I raged. I was angry and hurt and upset. Why did this happen to me? What had I done wrong? I thought it was karma, but I couldn’t think of anything I had done this wrong. But finally, I decided it was time to move on.

And so I ran. In the beginning, it was just to lose weight and get fit, but the challenge was addictive. When I run, I feel like I win over my body. I can look back at Destiny and swear at how wrong it was about me. It didn’t win. I still get to call the shots. My life, my decisions, my dreams; limbs or no limbs.

Motivational Speakers


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Two finger value…

Soft Skill Development in Chennai


Two finger value

What A wonderful metaphor …..

What and Who we choose to surround ourself truly determines our value….

The best guidance our mums used to give us, pull us away firm certain friends and encourage us to hang out with certain friends… we never questioned why? Indirectly we were selecting / screening our friends back then…. do we do that now that we are adults ???
A point worthy to ponder over.

A wise mentor Jim Rohn once said, show me your friends and I can within a $100 tell you what your bank account balance is….

be mindful of your association Power and select them wisely..

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Importance of Motivation in Life

Capture1The true power within a person is drawn out by external interventions guided by a coach or mentor.. it’s only in the recent years that this support structure has come to the fore particularly so in the sporting fraternity…

Interesting to also note for shifts to happen, one needs to have their back to the wall – in a do or die situation… as had happened here the partial transformation was guided by F’s coach…. the real immersion took place, when F on realising the required shift in Behaviour had to happen, for him to step up further, he took responsibility and moved forward… (note in a lot of cases it’s not the technique of the serve, the return serve, or the smash, that matters instead it’s BEHAVIOUR) …….

In today’s constant changing world, the power of Coaching / Mentoring is priceless…. the sporting fraternity has got this under their belt. The Corporate fraternity is still testing the water to see if it is cold, luke warm or hot….

In the last few years we have been involved with multiple companies from Banking, IT, Telecommunication,  Pharma and Manufacturing and have found those that have taken the development of their primary asset (People) seriously are light years ahead of others…

‘Build People to Build Organisations’

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Power of the Unconscious Mind

I had a mentor who kept drilling into me, to make the unconscious mind our “best ally.” Initially I scoffed at the idea and thought that mentor had lost it, and with age, was out of this planet. Little did I realize how naive I was, to the power of the unconscious….


Over time and repeated guidance… its full power had unfolded…. So much so that I have experienced in many cases, by communicating to the unconscious and when there is total congruency between our states within yourself and the universe, the law manifests itself into being….. Wow to some… yes Wow.

Carl Jung, put it so succinctly , until you make your unconscious, conscious, the conscious will always direct your Life and you will call it FATE…..

I love to share a very simple experience on the above. This happened at 11 am this morning….
As many who have been interacting with me would know that the last 6 weeks since my arrival back into India was packed back to back with sessions, in particular the weekends ….. This coming weekend was the only weekend that I had unbooked.

Unbeknown I got a call from a past senior manager who I had coached some three years ago. Before he commenced the conversation he mentioned it was a con call with a CFO from an IT company in Mumbai. He introduced and following the pleasantries, the CFO indicated his need for specific interventions with his senior executive team….

He proceeded to say they had a fabulous year in revenue and as reward to the team the company is taking the group to Pataya, Thailand. They felt, it would have be of extreme value, if they could spice it with, some self- developmental work.

We proceed to discuss the developmental work, and within 30 minutes of my outlining a brief for intervention, he concurred and accepted that idea for the development of his senior core executives.

Hmmm, so the weekend is now booked… in Pataya Thailand… some work, some sighting seeing some water sport (as Pataya is renowned for it) and back into India, mainstream work on Monday….

To the many they might refer to this as LUCK, but to a few, they know and call it, “Labor under correct knowledge”, or put it bluntly “you make your luck”.

Numerous lessons learnt. Keep ploughing… digging and the harvest will come to fruit elsewhere. Never get bogged down with “the crabs” who like to pull others down to their levels. Never get disheartened, when, an associate from Singapore who rightly pointed out in our discussion yesterday, he had trained his staff and many competitors have head hunted them, or that some of those past staff had taken his clients away from him. As I pointed to this associate, that is normal business, but never to anchor and burden oneself with that baggage, just move on and let the Law of the universe work with you not against you…. That in itself had come home to roost in my case today.

It is interesting, I can now tick another from the list of things that I wanted to be able to have done…. Fly in and Fly out into countries on weekends for programs…. One that was on that list for over 4 years.
Friends, the power in believing in oneself, and setting the sail right for whatever you want, keeping one’s head down, bum up and just beaver at the task on hand…..

Have fun doing it.

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Visionarians are Priceless, Administrators are Cheap to Keep.

“Visionarians are Priceless, Administrators are Cheap to Keep” …..
Abdul Kalam1b

Dr Abdul Kalam, a visionarian, left a legacy of can do mindset, in achieving Dreams, whilst keeping our two feet to the ground. It is up to each of us to carry that flame, and not just strive towards being that super power, instead, be that Role Model of a nation, that other countries could look towards and aspire to be……

Thank You Dr Abdul Kalam for being that person that lit the torch and carried it, whilst we were in darkness. Though your inspiration, Indians as we are, will continue in that journey keeping that torch aflame for our Nation.

Dr Abdul Kalam, please do keep a mindful watch over us, and through universal signs, guide us through to that destination…..
Abdul Kalam1a

God Bless

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Break that cult of Mediocrity ….

Friends a Forty Eight hour weekend transformation session designed to create the shift in YOU: as a person, transforming your mindset, you’re thinking, your level of Confidence, your fears, and your energy your relationship, and the way you live…

TransformationA complete transformation to be that CUTTING EDGE PERSON.

You walk in on Saturday, walk out on Sunday…. Experience the glow within, the ideals you learn, the systems you learn, the tools you learn, the way you feel, the emotions you express….will be a few of the takeaways you will walk away with, in being that magnificent person…..

transformation_brand_science butterfly

Date and Venue:
Chennai: 20th and 21st of September at Hotel Vestin Park, Egmore, Chennai.
Trichy: 13th and 14th of September at Hotel Royal Sathyam, 42A, Singarathope, Trichy.

Please visit our Event Website for details of topics covered.

Event Website:
Book your ticket at:

We are on a roll, following similar session in Australia, Malaysia & UK. For some people, failure is simply not an option. If you are among those, register now and reserve your seat. Register2

Register now: Re-charge, Re-vitalise, Re-create your life, the way you want it!

Stay Great, Stay Charged & Present your M F Hussain to the world……
David Nair

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Knowledge is Power, Application makes it Wealth!

The Professor & The Boat man

There was once a professor who wanted to go down the river, so he approached a local boatman who agreed to row him downstream for a small sum of money.

As they made their way downstream, the professor decided to show off his intelligence and high education so he decided to test the boatman.

Taking up a stone he picked from the river bank, the professor asked the boatman, “Have you ever studied geology?” The boatman looked at him and said Eh! No.. hardly even understanding what the word meant.

The professor then loftily said, “I am afraid, 25% of your life is gone.” The boatman felt really bad about his ignorance but continued to row on.

As they move further downstream, the river currents begin to get stronger and stronger and stronger. The professor picks a leaf up and asks condescendingly, “Boatman, have you studied botany”. Confused, the boatman again said no.

The professor again shakes his head and says, “I am afraid 50% of your life is gone.” He then signals him to carry on rowing. As they move downstream, the currents get even stronger, and stronger, and the boat is beginning to sway violently.

Suddenly the professor sees a mountain range, points at it and asks the boatman, “Have you studied geography?” Feeling very inferior and humiliated, the boatman again says no. The professor snaps back and says “I thought so, then 75% of your life is gone.”

At this point the river became a raging torrent. The water is moving so strongly that the boatman loses control of the boat and it smashes against the rocks and springs a leak and begins to sink.

This time the boatman turns to the professor and asks, “Professor, do you know how to swim?” to which the professor answers No. “Then I am afraid 100% of your life is gone.” And he leaps off the boat and powers his way to the shore.

The River of Life

Just like the river, we are living in times of rapid, unpredictable and evolutionary change. It is not money, position or reputation that matters, but a wholesome education of life that does.

Change or be left behind

What used to take a decade to change merely takes a few months to change today. Example, it took 50 years for cassettes to replace records. It took less than 10 years for compact disc to replace cassettes.


Mega billions made and lost overnight, due to obsolescence. Some companies could have become world leaders, but were completely washed out. Similarly, professionals with years of experience became economically unviable within a short period.

The world must change or be changed!

There are 100 times more millionaires and many more billionaires than a decade ago.

For some to cope in such an environment, it could be mind-blowing and stressful, to others it’s a piece of cake, and they accomplishments come with a deep feeling of fulfillment.

Knowledge is Power, Application makes it Wealth

Education is important but not enough to make it in turbulent economic times like now. Some of the big names (Bill Gates, Larry Ellison – Oracle, Richard Branson – Virgin Group) with very little education got into the river of life and made wealth. How?

Understand people, build that Rapport, and thereby create that chemistry for success.

To constantly take charge of your life, and be in control of your emotional state and bring out the best in your personal potential.

KAIZEN: The flexibility to learn, unlearn and relearn. It is the ability to model excellence in a short period of time. It is the ability to respond to empowering ways to the events swirling around you.

Circumstance control you or you control circumstance.

Those that lack the swimming skills will continue to be controlled by their external environment and ruled by fear of change and unpredictability. They will be frustrated powerless victims of the environment. Those that can swim will experience wealth, success and fulfillment beyond their wildest dreams.

We at IXL Inc, have created this program specifically for you, and it will show you how to cope with such changing environmental conditions. The program will also address specific ways in finding that required balance to live a satisfying life for yourself.

All you have to do is fill in the form (if you have still not done so) and register to attend the program.


Learn more about it at our event Website: ixlincorporated

People just like you are now living the lives they’ve always dreamed of because they have mastered the art of shifting their mindset to cope with such continuous change and be equipped themselves to be proactive in situations rather than reactive to it…

So come join the flip side of life.

Register for this LIFE TRANSFORMING SESSION. Don’t procrastinate, begin your transformation now.

To your ultimate success,

David Nair


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