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The Divine within…….

Many miss a fundamental cardinal law and not realize all that we need is within us.. “God within”..

Temples, Churches & Mosques are man-made help man identify through symbols, the energy force labelled God, which is within each of us..

When we acquire clarity and understand the process to knock within, we become congruent with the universe and are able to experience the connect with that energy, GOD …. we fall into that state of Bliss…

Search first to clear that channel to reach within us, thereby creating that sustenance required to reach out to others….

Its unfortunate our current formal education is void of such exposure…..

Ever imagined what the world would be like, when we truly understand the god within each of us…what would our treatment of 10850316_10152924174727264_8146995470112476936_nothers be like? How would we talk to them? How will we diffuse anger? How would we be empathic? How would be reach out to the displaced? The list of other Why’s, similarly the lists of what? when and so forth….

It’s not hard at least as we approach the close of 2014, for us to just see how better can we manage this god within each of us, as so succinctly portrayed by Rumi……



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G 20 Summit in Brisbane Australia.

G 20 Summit in Brisbane Australia.

A very Happy Morning…..

The launch of Ninth G 20 SUMMIT today in Brisbane, Australia, where heads of States will convene to set stage for World economic growth. Participating nations are most of the western block countries, including the EU, and Asian economies including India & China.
President Obama’s arrival in Brisbane yesterday meant he had time to address….. He took the opportunity to do so at Uni of G 20 post 2Queensland (wink, wink, one of the institutions I studied).

Obama, in his address drove on some salient grass root points that nations are working towards change:

1. Climate change support for vulnerable community.
2. Help plant durable products
3. Help reduce carbon pollution and invest in clean energy.
4. Combat climate change collaboration between Youth and Government.
5. Stand up for Minorities, dignity of every human being. (I would love to see this tackled within the Indian community in India – I was talking to a top liver / kidney surgeon last night, whose plight – organ transplant are prevented between castes…. With a dying youth of sixteen, the medical fraternity had to exhaust its search for organ transplant elsewhere…. We are advance as a nation? With all our education and growth, our next shift in mindset should be in this area)
6. Fight against poverty
7. Freedom of religion and equal opportunity

G 20 post 4

The above is happening amidst very tight security…. Startling what goes on behind the scene when this many Heads of States are all pulled into one area for a talk… Yes, lot of comfortableness for the residents but the long G 20 fortress-brisbaneterm benefits hopefully would far out weigh the small short term discomfort, The corridor of security set aside for the dignitaries….. with the heart of the city, and again at the convention center in South Bank (a well sort recreation spot for the residents.

On You Brisbane

Obama, other past presidents and US. business have always used Australia as a base to test, so to speak their plans, to pivot from Australia their foreign Policies towards the Asia – Pacific region.
From these fundamentals, I am sure progressive effective policies will roll out for Nations to work towards a more safe, comfortable green, peaceful world for us and future generations to live. BG_Garden_of_Serenity_by_Eirian_stock

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Life Skill …. Small Shift generating Big Gains

early-bird-offers201296624 An Offer…. Only for Chennai registrations……. Act Promptly.

For a wider reach of these Life Skill Principle, and its benefit to percolate through, we have decided to revisit the pricing solely for the program in Chennai. Early bird registration – Rs. 4200 for the two day program. This Offer closes on midnight Tuesday the 16th September.

To avail of this offer, fill the registration form at our event website register now

Or email your contact details (including your mobile number) to: and we will get back to you.

Please keep in mind this offer will close on midnight 16th September.

This is a 48 hour weekend transformation session designed to create the shift in YOU: as a person, transforming your mindset, you’re thinking, your level of confidence, your fears, your energy, your relationship, and the way you live…allow us to share experience in the following areas to what happens to you when it becomes a Habit..

unconscious triangle

You walk in on Saturday & walk out on Sunday…. In 48 hours, experience the life transforming shift within from the unconscious mind circleideals you learn, the systems you learn, the tools you learn that will bring ground breaking changes in the way you feel and the emotions you express… Use of 10% of your mind has got you where you are today.


A holistic self-development program that will make you a person of magnificence and magnetism.

self talk triangleThe term mediocrity will no longer be applicable to you.

Your token to excellence is right here, grab it!

A complete transformation to be that CUTTING EDGE PERSON.

Date and Venue:
Chennai: 20th and 21st of September at Hotel Vestin Park, Egmore, Chennai.

Please visit our Event Website for details of the topics covered and to register.
Event Website:

We are on a roll, following similar sessions in Australia, Malaysia & UK. Do not postpone your success, the right time is NOW.

Re-charge, Re-vitalize and Re-create your life, the way you want it!Register2

For some people, failure is simply not an option. If you are among those, register now and reserve your seat.

Stay Great, Stay Charged & Present your GREATEST SELF to the world.
David Nair
Mob: +919841428802

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The Confidence in YOU?

Hi Friends,

Reflect over the last few months… has fear stopped you, from asking for a raise, starting a business, asking for a date or simply interacting with people during daily activities. You are not alone.

ImproveSelfEsteem_thumbNow think back, how many times, have you been stopped, from doing something you really wanted to, because of lack of confidence, fear, doubts? Mind question such as; Am I really able to do it? What if I failed? What will my friends say if I tried to do it? Will my friends feel like I am deserting them? This and myriads of other questions are swirling in your mind…. In most instances we are stopped by that obstacle, commonly referred to under this umbrella called FEAR. That has limited you from proceeding towards accomplishing that idea, that success.

Friends this does not have to be the case ……

In ONE segment of the IXL Breaking through Development Program (BDP), we will be working through, what is this fear that is holding you back, how to overcome this limiting belief, and how to combat it in your situation, such that you will not be shadowed by this dark cloud ever.

Event Website:

For this intervention, you will learn precisely how to develop the unshakeable self-confidence that will lead you straight to success, and leave that fear in the distant past.

Always remember, no one starts off poised and confident in every situation. Fortunately, self-confidence is a learned behavior. And we will be teaching you the process to inculcate this in you daily life.

By the end of the first day you will see how we have integrated the patterns of change for you to understand this science of Self-Confidence, and how to experience the incredible power that comes from within YOU.

When you discover how to work with these patterns of Self-Confidence, you will:
• Build up enough confidence within yourself and the clarity of how to enjoy a higher standard of living for you and your family.
• You will become the centre of attraction, popular and a very likeable person
• You will have developed the inner power and become a more persuasive person
• You will with confidence speak up and out clearly in any interactions you would have with people
• You will be looked up to, admired, and be sought after person
• You will be well appreciated, recognized, and acknowledged for your contributions to family, work & community

This segment has been developed and worked with thousands of participants, so it’s a proven TIME TESTED method to empower YOU, eliminate your doubts and fears and ultimately, succeed in every area of your life.Self esteem

Testimonials from Past Participants:!testimonials/c1wbh

Please do not hold back, register today for the program and create that required shift.

Book your ticket at:

To your ultimate success,
It’s your life, your choice.
Be there!

You deserve it.
David Nair

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Knowledge is Power, Application makes it Wealth!

There was once a professor who wanted to go down the river, so he approached a local boatman who agreed to row him downstream for a small sum of money.

As they made their way downstream, the professor decided to show off his intelligence and high education so he decided to test the boatman.

Taking up a stone he picked from the river bank, the professor asked the boatman, “Have you ever studied geology?” The boatman looked at him and said Eh! No.. hardly even understanding what the word meant.

The professor then loftily said, “I am afraid, 25% of your life is gone.” The boatman felt really bad about his ignorance but continued to row on.

As they move further downstream, the river currents begin to get stronger and stronger and stronger. The professor picks a leaf up and asks condescendingly, “Boatman, have you studied botany”. Confused, the boatman again said no.

The professor again shakes his head and says, “I am afraid 50% of your life is gone.” He then signals him to carry on rowing. As they move downstream, the currents get even stronger, and stronger, and the boat is beginning to sway violently.

Suddenly the professor sees a mountain range, points at it and asks the boatman, “Have you studied geography?” Feeling very inferior and humiliated, the boatman again says no. The professor snaps back and says “I thought so, then 75% of your life is gone.”

At this point the river became a raging torrent. The water is moving so strongly that the boatman loses control of the boat and it smashes against the rocks and springs a leak and begins to sink.

This time the boatman turns to the professor and asks, “Professor, do you know how to swim?” to which the professor answers No. “Then I am afraid 100% of your life is gone.” And he leaps off the boat and powers his way to the shore.

The River of Life
Just like the river, we are living in times of rapid, unpredictable and evolutionary change. It is not money, position or reputation that matters, but a wholesome education of life that does.

Change or be left behind
What used to take a decade to change merely takes a few months to change today. Example, it took 50 years for cassettes to replace records. It took less than 10 years for compact disc to replace cassettes.

Mega billions made and lost overnight, due to obsolescence. Some companies could have become world leaders, but were completely washed out. Similarly, professionals with years of experience became economically unviable within a short period.

The world must change or be changed!

There are 100 times more millionaires and many more billionaires than a decade ago.
For some to cope in such an environment, it could be mind-blowing and stressful, to others it’s a piece of cake, and they accomplishments come with a deep feeling of fulfillment.

Knowledge is Power, Application makes it Wealth
Education is important but not enough to make it in turbulent economic times like now. Some of the big names (Bill Gates, Larry Ellison –Oracle, Richard Branson – Virgin Group) with very little education got into the river of life and made wealth. How?

Understand people, build that Rapport, and thereby create that chemistry for success.

To constantly take charge of your life, and be in control of your emotional state and bring out the best in your personal potential.

KAIZEN: The flexibility to learn, unlearn and relearn. It is the ability to model excellence in a short period of time. It is the ability to respond to empowering ways to the events swirling around you.

Circumstance control you or you control circumstance.
Those that lack the swimming skills will continue to be controlled by their external environment and ruled by fear of change and unpredictability. They will be frustrated powerless victims of the environment. Those that can swim will experience wealth, success and fulfillment beyond their wildest dreams.

We at IXL Inc, have created this program specifically for you, and it will show you how to cope with such changing environmental conditions. The program will also address specific ways in finding that required balance to live a satisfying life for yourself.

All you have to do is fill in the form (if you have still not done so) and register to attend the program.

Learn more about it at our event Website:

People just like you are now living the lives they’ve always dreamed of because they have mastered the art of shifting their mindset to cope with such continuous change and be equipped themselves to be proactive in situations rather than reactive to it…

So come join the flip side of life.

Register for this LIFE TRANSFORMING SESSION. Don’t procrastinate, begin your transformation now.

To your ultimate success,
David Nair

alvin toffel image 1 pic

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Our Breakthrough Development Program is reaching your city!



Are you committed to strive for EXCELLENCE?

  • No matter what your friends, relatives or peers think about you
  • No matter what crises erupt in your personal life
  • No matter what happened to you in the past
  • No matter how your study grades have been so far
  • No matter how you performed at your last performance appraisal
  • No matter how bad the stock market performs
  • No matter how far the elections fair

No matter what….no matter how, do you want to make this year the best year of your life so far?

Then you’ll want to see the paradigm shift that we, the people empowering team at IXL desire to bring in each one of you.

You can learn all about it at:

The founder David, with his co-trainer Varsha will help you achieve levels of success you’ve never thought possible. They have brought about transformation in countless others, and can do it for you too.

What makes us so confident?

David has distilled the most important principles he’s studied, taught, and lived, for more than 30 years into one system and developed this Breakthrough Development Program (BDP) to motivate and guide those who are committed to excel but lack the necessary tools to do so.

And here’s the best part…
This BDP isn’t limited to creating only financial success (although they do create amazing financial results); it actually helps you create outrageous levels of success in all parts of your life, thus leading you to the path of fulfillment, mental stability and happiness.

Plus, this Program doesn’t dependent on anything but YOU. They work in good economic times and bad.

Now you can learn and practice the most powerful of these tools under David & Varsha’s guidance and bring everlasting changes in you that you have always dreamed about.

                                                    >>> Guarantee Your Success in 2014 <<<

You’d normally have to invest a huge amount of your time and Lakhs in rupees (or more) to get access to this type of training.

But now you can learn the “best of the best” processes and techniques in a weekend, and for a fraction of a price.

You can learn all about it at:

Why is this workshop one-of-its-kind?

  • Here, you’ll master the most powerful tools that the world’s most successful people use to succeed … and learn how to use these practical skills to achieve your own goals in 2014 and beyond.
  • You’ll dramatically increase your clarity, focus and power.
  • You’ll also discover the latest breakthroughs about how the power of your intention and thought help you create physical and financial results.
  • And you’ll develop the momentum and support that will carry you throughout the rest of the year after which you are guaranteed to become unstoppable.

This information about how conscious intention affects your deepest desires goes far beyond what many success / self help books would provide. Here, we show you how to develop your environment such that the laws of attraction will actually work in your life.

For some people, failure is simply not an option.

If you are one among those, click the link below to register and reserve your seat. You can also register for your loved ones and let us bring significant, life transforming changes in them, too.

Register here:

Choose your city:

We will get back to you shortly.

Be well,
David Nair
CEO & Founder


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Harvest a time to access maturity

404212_455991417775879_199648984_n“The greatest form of maturity is at harvest time. This is when we must learn how to reap without complaint if the amounts are small and how to reap without apology if the amounts are big.”  Jim Rohn

The harvest time is not from season to season ….. When we chunk it down, it is from month to month, week to week, day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute… the moment.

So on planting a seed and leaving it be to the end season provides a range of harvest outcomes. As opposed to on planting the seed, watering it, weeding the field, fertilizing, keep the birds flocks or other predators away from it … basically nurturing it every moment of the day is what produces the size of the harvest.

Some have been able to capsule this to being their best and live and work, the fullest every moment of their life, thereby producing that required harvest, while others are only able to capture a smaller part and still others a lesser part.

All of that harvest is achievements and the result to be admired and acknowledged. The one that is able to view that harvest this very moment and see how better he /she can do it the next moment, and the next, and the next and tomorrow, and the next and the next day is self-progress, development and achievement…. Or put in lay man’s terms is success.

If we fall short of not getting into this pattern, reflect to see if it important, should it be done, what is in it for you to do so?… surprising the answer in most instance would be towards the affirmative.

It is interesting, when this happens, it triggers something within the self, that produces that chemical within oneself, to make one happy, to make one motivated, to make one more emphatic, to make one more, more this and more that, and the list is endless.

If these are the outcomes from such a simple exercise, then why not spend some time once a week just to reflect…and think?

Are you satisfied with your harvest?387586_458367280871626_1659129288_n

In which areas of your life would you like to sow, to invest, to…? To….? To…? more time?

Just take a minute size step, in reflecting on that goal. What does it take to tune up for the moment to scale the next rung of the ladder and see how life turns around?

Love David Nair

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