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David, a Mentor, NLP Life Coach & Corporate Trainer to many. David's DEFINITE MAJOR PURPOSE (DMP) is to make a mindset shift in 1 million minds to stretch that little more in each of us, thereby contributing towards a better world for all of us and generations to come..... The Books, CD's, DVD's & Video's a man/women reads, sees and hears, maketh the person. The People he/she Associates with, grooms that person for Life. David's detailed experience could be found in the following links.

Grail – Tick Your Life Right, With Purpose

In everything that we do, ask yourself, what are we really doing it for? What is the bottom-line goal, in our pursuit of Life?

Many would call out:

I want to Travel,

I want a Car,

I want a Home,

I want further Education,

I want to put aside for my kid’s education?

I want to pay the bills on time.

For some, I want Happiness and for others, I want Fulfillment & Happiness.

 The Dalai Lama succinctly phrased what is the bottom line in pursuit of one’s life. 

“The Purpose of our Life is to Be Happy” – Dalai Lama

Every single one of us is entitled to feel fulfilled, contented and elated by the work we do.

We need to feel inspired to go to work, to feel safe, uplifted and empowered when we are there and to return home feeling contented, fulfilled, and happy that we had contributed to something larger than ourselves.

This contentment, fulfilment or happiness is not a gift bestowed to a few, it is not reserved for an elite group based on their birth, caste, race, or religion. Instead, it is available for every one of us.

My search for Purpose was a deeply personal journey born out of pain. This came to me multiple times in various forms when I was climbing the corporate ladder to being the VP of an Oil & Gas US Corporation.

The advice to find my Purpose came from various friends, associates, colleagues, and peers. Their suggestion was “David do what you love most? By doing that you will find your Bliss, and be passionate in what you do” Yes, that was good advice, but no, they were not practical and enforceable from my perspective. Hence my Mondays going to work were still the same, with no change internally.

The thought and feeling of, “Oh My God, got to go to work.” Nothing to create that WOW factor. I resorted to asking this question. Is this what Life is all about? 

This question would constantly plague me until I sought guidance from a few Influencers to look at it from a different perspective. I followed their advice and in time was able to crystalize that purpose.

I have been working and living it for the last 3 decades and sharing this process with my community of Trainees, Coachers and Mentees.

The prime drive with my followers is to ensure work is done in establishing a person’s Definite Major Purpose. This will provide them, with clarity on where the person is heading in life, what activities they should focus on, and to what intensity should they drive that activity.

I was fortunate enough to work with a Master Mind of Coachers & Speakers from India, South Africa and UAE who were hungry in search of their Purpose. Hence the birth of this book.

A collaborative work of thirty Coachers & Speakers who pulled together what they did in arriving at their purpose. They each have a chapter in this book of their journey.

This is an open book disclosure of that journey.

They have outlined the challenges they had encountered through that journey, what pit holes to look out for, and their ultimate outcome defining THEIR PURPOSE and a roadmap to journey through their Life.

Their life is so enriched that they have collectively decided to contribute all proceeds from the sale of this book to a nominated Charity.

I am honoured in having the privilege of working with this memorable team, and it is uplifting to see the growth in each of them – how much they stretched for this objective.

Thank You Mental Resilience Mastery (MRM) Team. 

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Advantages Of Time Management

Having a job can be a stressful activity. Most people lose a lot of time just trying to think about their job.

Too often, your job consumes you that it becomes a part of your everyday life and you tend to lose priority on other activities. However, all of these are due to improper management of time.


Without proper time management, you could be facing a lot of stress. You have to remember that productivity does not just mean doing several things.

You need to create a balance in these activities and make sure each is properly done. When you have so many things to consider, you are very much likely going to fail in meeting your deadline or you can schedule more than one meeting at the same time.

This could lead to lower efficiency and lots of time wasted. Although you might not lose your job in the process, you could easily forsake other aspects of your life.


Time management can help prevent such events from happening. This is because you won’t have to worry about things when you schedule your events properly.

You get a lot of stress relief and a lot of time to prioritize your life.

However, successful time management is quite tricky. You have to incorporate a little self-discipline in order to set up your events properly.

You also have to be more flexible with your goals and priorities. These prerequisites are easy to attain. You just have to learn the basic concepts in order to set things in motion.

Proper time management creates a few of the most powerful advantages within and outside your job sphere. Since all these problems stem from stress, the main advantage of time management is the reduction of stress.

You probably have experienced chasing deadlines or suddenly realizing that you set up two meetings on the same date. You can prevent such a scenario from happening if you practice a clear time management plan and a timetable for your activities.

By having a clear plan, you give yourself the chance to set up a great schedule that suits your planned activities both in and out of the job. Furthermore, you avoid compromising the most important aspect of all your activities: your health.

Another good thing about having a successful time management program is having a higher chance of completing everything on time. When you miss a deadline, you fall out of favour with your boss. This leads to additional pressure to complete other tasks and even to outdo your other officemates.

This leads to a lot of unnecessary pressure that may cause you to extend your work outside the office just to keep up. It might even mean that you will bring your work to the dinner table. 

And the worse that could happen, is you get so stressed out that you pass on the stress to your family members. The sooner you complete your tasks, the more you free yourself of all the stress.

The best thing about time management is that you get the chance to live your life with a proper routine. Your working schedule is not swamped and so you can leave enough time for relaxing and having fun.

And despite your hectic schedule, never forget to take a break from time to time as it helps you become more productive.

David Nair

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Being sensitized helps build Rapport

Early this week on returning home late from a Training program, I met a couple, Priya & Subu in the foyer of my apartment.

As the lift arrived at the ground floor, I picked up both my training bags and stood aside, waiting for the couple to walk into the lift.

Interestingly enough, the lady walked in and the man waited and ushered me to go into the lift. Hmmm, I thought. 

Within the split second a thought flashed into, me….

There is something different about these people… what is it I need to find out……. The Man followed me into the lift and the doors closed. 

The lady asked me which floor I would like to go to? 
I replied, “7 please”. 

She pressed my floor number, followed by their floor number, which ended up being 8. 
Curiosity built within me. I must know what is the difference between this couple

So I politely asked looking at both of them, “are you new here?” 

The lady responded “No”, and immediately proceeds to say we own the apartment on the 8th floor and have been living in China for the last five years. 

Aha, that explains the difference in exposure, different lifestyle & interaction with different cultures. I asked, “how come China?” 

The lady answered, “my husband is working in China”. Wow, I said that must be fascinating. My immediate question Where in China? To which the man responded Shanghai, and I am a senior manager with a manufacturing plant…… 

I said, “I was in China in the ’90s and did do business in South China and Shanghai. There was an immediate click, I could see their body language, expression and mannerism light up. By this time, the lift had arrived on my floor. They both stepped aside to make way for me to get out of the lift, with my large training bags. No sooner was I out of the lift, than I saw the lady and the man come out and we continued our conversation in the foyer of the 7th. 

The lady shared many experiences of CHANGE that had transformed them as a couple since their move to China. I shall release those experiences in later segments. For now, I just wanted to address the change that had transformed this lady from being a shy, quiet, “homemaker” (a term I am still to come to grips with) to this confident effervesce lady.  

I asked her what triggered that change. Her response… exposure and the need to do it, as there is no one else today it, there you are on your own. So whether you are frightened or not you have to do certain things. I thought Wow. What learning’s from this encounter? When one has the back to the wall, one will have to confront, and move forward, as there is no place else to go but forward… 

Hmmm if only some of us caught this click of experience from the lady. The man then added, we knew where we were, whilst we were working here in India, well cocooned in our comfort zone. I would get up at six; get ready to go to work. Priya would prepare breakfast and lunch for me. I leave home at 7am and repeat this melodrama over and over again. In China, I also get up at 6am, Priya also prepares my breakfast and lunch, but it’s different… 

What’s the difference? I ask and he responds being outside our comfort zone, taking calculated risks. Again I thought Wow. Subu made it a point to reiterate, David it is not that one has to go abroad but just the fact we made the decision to Change… If I look at the growth that has transformed Priya into being the person she is today, she would have had to live 10 life’s in India to do so, and with me, I would have had to live 100 lives… What an interesting perspective. By this time Priya, commented to her husband, I think, David needs to go, as he has had a long day of training. Look at our clock and it was 45 mins’ talk in the foyer of the 7th floor. 

Powerful learning from the short encounter…Moments to reflect and ponder… 

  • Being Sensitize to verbal & nonverbal cues to build the rapport 
  • Asking the right type of questions to enhance communication   
  • Decisions Making based on facts 
  • Understanding one’s true potential and drawing that power from within each of us 
  • Understanding cultural differences and adapting to it. 
  • Unlearning old die-hard habits and relearning new productive habits 
  • And the list can keep going on & on…. 

David Nair

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Rainbow Trout & Steel Head 

The other day I was eating sushi with some friends, and we were sitting at the Sushi Bar watching the owner prepare sushi. The owner of this Sushi Bar is quite a talkative guy, a well-seasoned traveller. Once he gets started, it’s hard to get a word in, but he does have some interesting stories of his travels to share.

He started by telling us about the fish for the day that he had available and which ones were the freshest and tastiest. He was sharing about the Rainbow Trout and then he said one thing that really caught my attention. He mentioned the Rainbow Trout (which is a freshwater fish) is the same species as the Steel Head (which lives most of its life at sea). They are the same fish, but one specie of freshwater stays in rivers and streams, while the other lives in seas and oceans go to the rivers to breed. They both start off their lives in the same way in freshwater streams rivers and lakes.

He concluded by making the comment, “your exposure can make you or break you. It determines who you become. Just like the fish, it depends on which turn in the river, or stream you decide to take upstream and live in the river or downstream and head for the ocean.” Your Life is pivoted on that decision.

Wow! I didn’t know fish were that complex. 

At the beginning of its life the rainbow trout and steelhead hatch in rivers. They live in these rivers, freshwater lakes, or creeks where they are hatched. As they grow, something happens to these fishes, that can lead to some of them staying in that habitat throughout their lives and others to seek new homes out to sea.

The Steelheads that go into the ocean grow to be much bigger than the Rainbow Trout because there is so much more to eat in the ocean than in the streams. The abundance of prey at their disposal. Herring and sardines had better watch out when the steelhead is around. Crustaceans such as crab and shrimp are also consumed by steelhead, contributing to their immense size. Rainbow trout, on the other hand, tend to eat aquatic insects such as midges and mayflies, as well as aquatic larvae. Meanwhile, they’ll also eat fish, including minnows, gobies, and shiners.

As I got to thinking about this, it occurred to me that these fish’s behaviour is a lot like our behaviour.

Some people stay close to home and are content with where they are in life and others will go out and seek their fortune and reap life’s bounty, just like the Steel Head. Coupled with that, the environment makes the fish what it is. Similarly, so do the Steel Head and Rainbow Trout.

Hence make sure you are conscious of “hanging out” in an environment that is in line with the type of life you want. This percolator into all areas of our growth, finance, career, business, family, recreation, social and spiritual. Hence be selective with the friends and books that you associate with for it will determine what your life outcome will be.

David Nair,

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Cultivating the habit of Reading in your Child

How do I develop reading habits in my Child, was the cry of one mother in my coaching session last week? I have heard this cry from hundreds of parents.

How do I get them interested in reading?

What do I do to make reading fun for them?

One mum’s plight “I want this for my child”

Plant the seed of reading, water, fertilize, nurture… repeat this multiple times, until the child inculcates the reading habit.

We need to provide the children access to books in unlimited ways, take them to the library, and let them feel touch, smell, and play with the book. Take them to book shops and let them browse through the shelves of books. One handicap with today’s virtual reading format – is this feel touch, is minimized.

I would still encourage parents to go out of the way to take kids to places where there are books. Places such as book fares, exhibitions etc. Have books scattered everywhere in the home, their rooms, your rooms, and lounge areas, do not just park books on the bookshelves.

Prashana our daughter, when she was a toddler, was taken to the library once a week, where she would basically ravel, play, and have a fun time with books. She would scale up her interactive skills. She was such a fun-filled child around books, that when it came to Library week she was nominated as “Child for the week, at that library. Build this up with the child when they receive any form of recognition, relating them back to books. Boost this recognition, and create that buzz within the child. That automatically triggers the internally chemically within the child and over time this stimulus is something that the child would crave. Why? Because she is anchored to that does of dopamine. 

Parents, recall how you get the child to eat certain types of food that the child does not like to eat. What do you do? You will try every trick you know to make the child eat. Right? The same applies here to read a book. I have seen parents walking the corridors, play areas etc coaxing (pointing to birds, making funny faces, playing with the child etc) the child to eat. Why don’t we do that to encourage the child to read?

Kids love new things; fresh exciting things so make sure the menu on books is also what the child loves and is excited to want to get to, Not what you want them to read. At this stage please do not enforce your favourite topics on them. Do not enforce your reading interest on them.

Pay attention to what is going on in your child’s life and add in new books that might help them tackle that aspect of their life whether it is a challenge or empowerment…

When children see themselves in the stories a special type of magic happens with them, and you have just opened the lotus to bloom.

Like the food you will always cook meals around what the child eats, otherwise, it will be a nightmare at the dinner table. It’s no different with books. Therefore, get them books about their hobbies and whatever really interests them.

Does your child love unicorns?

Do you have a sports fanatic on your hands?

Is your little one obsessed with facts?

Does your child love unfortunate events – and happenings?

Our little once’s Lemoney Snicket (series of unfortunate events ) was not released in Australia back then. On one of our holiday trips to Malaysia to visit their granddad, we went shopping and found the whole series of that particular edition of books. Guess what was in their luggage back home. Those series were with them for that whole year. Everywhere they went they had those books with them. They would have read it 100 times. The same thing happened when the Harry Potter series was released, they bought them and did the same with those books. Create that exciting buzz in them and see where it leads them.

The unsaid secret during festive seasons, birthdays, recognition and performance achievement one of their gifts in addition to other presents was always booked. You could say books were coming out of their eyeballs. Liberally gift kids’ books. Basically, make creating an interest in books, an obsession. 

Spend time reading with them, particularly when they are going to sleep. It’s amazing how much this habit of 15 mins story reading time can help put the child to sleep more important it creates a powerful habit for them in time to evolve into practising their “ME TIME” as they go to sleep. You are building one habit on top of another.

Let them see you read to them preferably at a set time as part of their bedtime reading. Readout loud to them. Do not worry if they are not lying or sitting still and if they are not engaged in the story. Information and practice are going into them subconsciously.

Talk to them, relate to the stories and share experiences, and create the pictures in their mind. Help stretch the visual traits through this exercise. This triggering of another sense helps further boost their inner chemicals hence reemphasising and anchoring this habit.

As much as possible keep reading in the forefront for the child. Ask questions about what you are reading while you are reading. Make connections to books after you put those books down.

Engage with them. Start a dialogue. Talk about what you see on the pages. 

While you are doing all this it is vital that you are reading too. It is imperative they model you on this aspect of habit building. This reinforces to them the value and benefit of reading.

Practise this and check the difference in your kid’s wellbeing!

David Nair.
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The 3 E’s to Education

Really! What is Education?

Is it a process of moving along a conveyor belt, of progressing from kindergarten, primary, secondary, and tertiary school? On completing “This Education” an individual is liberated to the world with a trade certificate, diploma, degree, and for those that complete higher education – an MBA or a PhD.

Is that individual well equipped to tackle the world of employment, entrepreneurship or whatever the individual, wants to pursue in life?

Unfortunately, in most cases, the answer is a resounding No. You might ask, why is this the case?

From my experience of coaching and mentoring individuals for over 2 decades, from all echelons, ranging from Campus to Corporate, Senior Management, VPs, and CEOs, I found there was a huge gap between what the individual had studied, and what they could apply in the real world out there.

What is the missing link?

I feel in addition to Education, there are two prime components: Exposure and Experience (learning from a Role Model). When this is combined with mainstream education, the total holistic learning that is embedded with the individual is priceless. The difference is like chalk and cheese – clearly identifiable.

What is exposure in its truest form for Education?

It is opening oneself to learning experiences outside of mainstream education with passion, curiosity, accepting failure, correcting course, and learning more about oneself through constant introspection.

Unfortunately, our mainstream education falls tremendously short in providing this.

Let me illustrate it in the form of a metaphor- Black Forest Cake. The base of a black forest cake is a chocolate cake, which is layered between cream, chocolate icing, strawberries, and plums – usually referred to as the trimmings of the Black Forest cake.

The excited young graduate, after years of education deep dives into a work environment. How do you think they would perform with limited exposure, poor level of Emotional Quotient, minimal experience interacting with others and in most instances, hardly any role models – to “cut, copy-paste” peak performance behaviour, good practices, and daily rituals, embedding a blueprint for excellence – the trimmings to the Black Forest cake? Obviously extremely poor. This stopgap is currently filled by top companies who pump into the continuous development of their employees, and sole proprietors who go out and seek this development on their own. This trimming is not important, but vital for today’s economic growth. 

Their prime focus of the mainstream education had been on mastering domain skills basically baking that chocolate cake. What about their skills in acquiring the trimmings for the cake? Sad to say, limited to Minimal or Nonexistent.

The education process should ensure “exposure” out there from the world should be assimilated into the curriculum, particularly work of the future, long before the individual graduates. In addition, rather than continuously top up on education with one degree after another, with minimum or no work experience is valueless. This today is noticed by some universities where they are guided by industry experience to ensure an individual is not allowed entry into an MBA discipline without at least 12 months of work experience. This allows for the individual to appreciate, apply, and acquire a good appreciation of the cases studies, principles, and concepts rather than theoretically memorize them and hopefully try to apply them in the real world.

There should be more collaborative work between industries and the community to better prepare the candidate for real-world exposure. In today’s world, with the internet, it is not difficult to bring the world to the individual, for Exposure and utilize this form of learning to enhance the person.

Another key element of Exposure to the world of work provides an opportunity for these individuals to build connections, network with professionals outside their usual family networks and learn by “doing” and working in real-world contexts. Many miss this value add to a person’s development. In one of my coaching sessions in Jakarta, I worked with a blind journalist who interviews politicians globally. He shared his experience of building a network connection globally. He claimed people connection that he made over the years was his top asset, in lobbying for interviews with other top politicians. As the adage goes it is not what you know, but who knows.

It is also interesting to note good exposure to the right type of connections offers exceptional valuable benefits in enriching the learning, building up employability, and helping in developing specific capabilities, the likes as resilience, problem-solving, collaboration and particular decision making.

I again repeat, these skills referred to here are not important but vital. A simple skill such as miscommunication due to lack of market exposure can cost mid-tier businesses with 100 employees, at least US$500000 per year, whilst it will cost top tier companies with 100000 employees at least US $ 60 Million per year. Industry commonly refers to this as rework. In today’s economy, such add on costs are not tolerated by owners or managers of companies.

 Learning from other’s Experiences:

A process of learning through experience, of self and that of others more commonly referred to as “learning through reflection and doing”. Hands-on learning is a form of experiential learning, that is only practised by a few.

 This form of learning assists individuals in not fearing mistakes, instead of valuing them. Experiential learning is designed to engage individuals’ emotions as well as enhance their knowledge and skills. It is priceless to learn of others’ experiences which if the individual had to acquire would have taken them years to accumulate.

Another great benefit of this form of learning is the individual is playing an active, participative role in the learning, hence will experience greater gratification and the outcomes would be far superior.

It’s vital to ensure industry mentoring and entrepreneurship are inculcated in the Continuous And Never-ending Improvement (CANI) of an individual. The development of an individual does not stop when a person completes their formal education. Many misinterpret this and feels once they have acquired a piece of paper – “Their Certificate”, education stops. In fact, from experience, we found the reverse applies – on completing one’s formal education, that is when the door opens for true education.

What we learn from others is commonly referred to as Observational learning (also known as vicarious learning, social learning, or modelling). This is a type of learning that occurs as a function of observing, retaining, and replicating novel behaviour executed by others.

The benefits acquired by learning from others help us grow emotionally and more importantly, help us from making mistakes. These individuals from whom we learn have done the “walk the walk before they are doing the talk the talk”. Hence by learning from them and observing their behaviour, the individual can reduce the number of mistakes/failures they might encounter.

Another magnificent prime benefit acquired in learning from others is, that it can and has helped many to skill up their decision-making skills. Poor decision-making skills have been a bottleneck for many in preventing them from moving up in life. Individuals tend to hold back, procrastinate, and hence stay stagnant where they are, rather than move up on account of poor decision-making skills.

Other key areas that we found where people could effectively “live to learn” from others are; how to appear, and behave in a professional manner, how to effectively communicate, how to engage with the audience and build rapport, how to simplify the explanation of complex things, how to ask effective questions, how to network, how to drive and step up the passion of others, how to make people feel valued and respected and countless other areas.

Hence, mainstream education for domain expertise, coupled with social capital education of exposure and experience provides the individual with a truly holistic education and well set for life.

 David Nair

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Mother’s advice – The power of Association

How many of us recall when we were kids, our mums would encourage us to connect, go play with certain kids and frown on us playing with other kids, she was our filter, our selection screen so to speak. We never understood Why? Many years down the road we understand what our mum was doing and the impact it could and did have on our future. This topic is very close to us at IXL Incorporated, what we talk about in a segment called Obsessed learning – “follow your mother’s advise” – Your Associative power (Recall it).  

Jim Rohn, mentor to many of the top motivational speakers and Self-Help authors including Tony Robbins speaks about association power and classifies it into three major categories.  
Many would have heard, Jim Rohn says, you become an average of the five people you associate with most. The people we spend our time with determining what conversations dominate our attention, and what observations, attitudes and opinions we repetitively are introduced to. It’s frightening to note, that the less than inspired seem to be able to attract more than the high achievers.  

How often have we observed people at work, people at home, part/flexi-time employees – like-minded gets drawn to like-minded. What they do with their time, in most cases the less empowered seems to be the draw cart to the others, as it is easier and more comfortable to move downwards than to stretch, unless the empowered is strong-willed and powered with strong unfaltering self-discipline to stay empowered rather than be drawdown.

Spend your time with a team of high-achievers and you’ll be inspired to stretch for your next accomplishment, be it in your business, finances or personal agenda. On the converse, hang out with people who are “less than inspired” and you could quickly find yourself stagnant.  

  Evaluate and shift your associations into 3 categories, and you decide what you would like to do with those disempowering associates. 

1. Disassociation  

There are some people you might need to break away from completely — these are negative, toxic people who infect you with their bad attitude, and their idle gossip. People with no purpose – just exist. It’s difficult to ignore someone and their negative influences but doing so will put YOU in control of deciding the quality of life you want to have. Then surround yourself with the people who represent and support that vision.  

2. Limited Associations  

There are some people who you can spend three hours with, but not three days. Others you can spend three minutes with, but not three hours. Decide how much you can “afford” to be influenced, based on how those people represent themselves.

3. Expanded Associations  

Whatever area of your life you want to see improvement in, find someone who represents the success you want, the skills you want, the lifestyle you want, and spend more time with those people. Join organizations, clubs, businesses, and health clubs where these people are and make friends. “Always remember you are the sum total of your associative power.”  

Decide who of your friends are the best influences and make more time for them; it’s an investment of time that will prove profitable.  

Have a wonderful Life!

Cheers, David Nair!


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Words of wisdom – Mother Teresa.  

Beautiful, simple words of wisdom from a noble prize winner…. Mother Teresa.  

I was going through the Biography of Mother Teresa and could not go past this passage and felt the need to share it with many who would not have had the privilege of reading the works of this lady.  

  A little passage great to reflect on ….  Be enlightened.   

 It is amazing how the switch takes place within each of us by the second. When we are well-grounded with steadfast Principles and Core Values that we could hang on to, such that nothing will swing it either way.  

Enjoy the extract ……….  

“People are often unreasonable, illogical and self-centred; forgive them anyway.   

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives; Be kind anyway.   

If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies; succeed anyway.   

If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you; Be honest and frank anyway.   

What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight; Build anyway.   

If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous; Be happy anyway.   

The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow; do good anyway.   

  Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough.   

Give the world the best you’ve got anyway.   

You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and your God.   

It was never between you and them anyway.” – Mother Teresa  

Reflect on this and be your best….  

Be Happy for what you do and contribute, for this world to be a better place. 

-by David Nair

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Shake the Dirt & Step Forward….. 

One evening a farmer’s donkey fell down a deep well. The animal cried piteously all through the night and for hours the next morning. The farmer thought through the morning and discussed with some of his friends at the corner shop, where the men would usually gather to discuss the happening of the previous day and what the highlights in the newspaper are over a cup of coffee. The farmer tossed his concern of the fallen donkey to the group. 

After discussing this matter for some time. the neighbours and the farmer decided the donkey was too old and will need to be put to sleep. Since it was in the well they thought the best was to cover the well up, thereby burying the donkey.

They agreed to meet the next day around mid-afternoon, to fill the well in and thereby hopeful put the donkey’s cry for help to rest.

The group gathered at three pm, each with a shovel in their hand and proceed to shovel dirt into the well, they kept shovelling and shovelling and shovelling the dirt into the well. 

As the dirt was shovelled into the well, the donkey was crying out louder and louder. Then suddenly, the cry of the donkey stopped. The farmer peaked over the well, to see what had happened.

To his amazement he was astonished to see the donkey with every shovel of dirt that fell on the donkey’s back, the donkey was doing something different…

The donkey would shake off the dirt and take a few steps forward. He would shake off the dirt and take a few steps forward. He did this repeatedly – shake off the dirt and step forward.

Pretty soon to everyone’s amazement the donkey stepped up over the edge of the wall and totted off….The donkey raised itself slowly but surely to the top of the well, with every shovel of dirt thrown at it.

In Life too …

Dirt will be shovelled at us. All kinds of dirt….

Now the trick is ….to role model the donkey, shake it off and take a step forward, shake it off and take a step forward…. This is very simple; we tend to complicate the simple to the difficult.

Each of our troubles is a steppingstone. It does not matter how deep the well is, – how you are bogged down with troubles and tribulations.

What matters is: 

Remember to never give up, we can get out of trouble by just repeating the process….

Shake the Dirt, Step Forward, Shake the Dirt, step forward.   

-David Nair

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Power of Daily Rituals.

The world is saturated with calls for people to do daily rituals, to the point that many are saying enough is enough! Some are saying, what is so special about daily rituals? Why should we do them?

My call on this subject is quite simple. Why the need for rituals and Why do we have them?

Each of us, in this life, is given a precious gift by our Creator – Our BREATH of life. What we do with that life is our gift back to that Creator. We could return to the creator on a tray our work for the day. How would your performance be if we measured it on a scale of 1 to 10? Would it be a 4, 6, 8 or even a 9 out of 10? For our performance to be at the higher end of the continuum. we need to have some cutting-edge practices.

It is interesting to observe like any sport when we apply these cutting-edge practices, huge dynamic shifts happen to the outcome that we put through. Hence, we could put a higher, more effective excellent performance on that tray in our next offering back to that Creator.

This cutting-edge practice, we commonly refer to as Daily Rituals.

It has also been proven that these rituals when performed at a specific time during the day, releases a better outcome. Many who understand this philosophy, do not go against this flow, instead work with it to achieve the best in performance.

We at IXL Academy promotes three levels of Rituals :
Basic (30 mins)
Intermediate (60 mins)
Advance (90 mins). 

The practices are discussed and worked, by our members in the Facebook Group. “IXL My Ten Minute Challenge” Do register here to be part of this empowering group.

For more such information and discussion, visit our various channels at the following link:

Cheers, David Nair.

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