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 “The Books, CD’s & Video’s a man/women reads, sees and hears, maketh the person, The People he/she Associates with, grooms that person for Life”                                                             – David Nair

David’s Definite Major Purpose (DMP)

To make a mind- set shift in 1 million minds, to stretch that little more in each of us, thereby contributing towards a better world for all of us and generations to come…..


David Nair, a Corporate Trainer, Life Coach, Mentor & NLP Master Practitioner is the founder of IXL Incorporated. His experience in management, planning, financial control, people empowerment, corporate training, administrative system implementation and industry deregulation, provides David with the experience to Train, Coach and Mentor and to provide strategic business advice. Well-qualified professional’s with varying degrees of experience in training, coaching & mentoring, form part of David’s team. These trainers have conducted their training, coaching & mentoring programs abroad and here in India.

David’s breadth of experience working in senior positions such as Financial Controller, Strategic Planner and Vice President in industries ranging from retailing / wholesaling, coal mining, construction & operation of mine sites, vehicle manufacture & distribution, food processing and transportation has put him in good stead, to assist organizations with Strategic Planning, Joint Venture Alliance, Coaching & Mentoring and Training & Development.

David, a Malaysian Citizen, and a permanent Resident of Australia, retired in his mid-30’s after successfully building a number of businesses in Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, UK, US and India. As a global Citizen, he travels extensively and his main passion has been the development of people and to see how a person can be transformed, when the potential within each of them is identified, natured and allowed to grow in the right environment. 

Today David as a Trainer, Life Coach and Mentor has a thirst to help develop & empower individuals and he is a life coach & mentor to many.

What makes David’s work and deliverables so effective?

His sessions are simple, real and to the point, a person with big ideas and a master at metaphors. David moves teams to be action orientated. Programs are customised to organization’s needs & patterns shared during the program, instills the change within a person for lasting results in their professional and personal lives.

David enhanced his Training, Life Coaching and Mentoring work in UK with NLP founder, John Grinder, and fine-tuned his basics in NLP, and continued with John and his business partner, Carmen Bostic St Clair in finishing his Masters of NLP and Train the Trainer program.
David Performs Corporate & Management Training in wide range of areas.

Experience: ARCO (Atlantic Richfield)VP Operations (Finance, HR, Admin & IT)

David, as VP Operations, was responsible for the disciplines of Finance, HR, Administration and Information Technology, for the South East Asia region (East of India through to China and south to Australia) for the company.

In brief his financial activities covered the supervision, execution and consolidation of all aspect of financial & management accounting reports for the region, and ultimately reporting as a profit center to the US head office.

His HR scope of responsibility covered all aspects of employee recruitment, benefits plans, employee fringe benefits, expatriate benefits and allowance, the hiring and relocation of man power resources (all engineers in particular mining & petroleum engineers, metallurgist, geologist, from skilled locations to lower skilled locations.  He was also responsible for all the Learning & Development activities for the organization.

David was also responsible for all administration & IT activity in these locations.

These activities were well executed by a solid tightly held team of managers & employees who reported through David. The strength of the Organization in the six locations totaled 4000.

The company was responsible for exploration, mining of oil, gas and coal, and R&D in the mining sector (such as coal liquefaction). We were also responsible to sell coking & steaming coal to countries from Japan through to the European regions.

Contributory Cause – Volunteer Experience Trustee of NGO – EKAM

Ekam’s role is to reduce Infant mortality, currently at 500,000 per year in Tamil Nadu. These children’s are mainly born into low socio economic homes. David is currently a trustee and forms part of the Executive for this NGO, and is pulling together the efficiency of the project. Strategically align its processes and operations such that they can take this work Pan India.

Focused area of Development work for Corporates & Individuals

The following areas are where David spends time with individuals or Corporate in helping them re-align their performance for maximum though put.

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Budgeting & Goal Setting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Drive Brainstorming session on various aspects of company performance.
  • Decision Making
  • Time Management
  • Ways to win and hold confidence in others
  • Art of dealing with people
  • Leadership and Self-Deception – Getting out of the square box
  • Team Building & Team Empowerment
  • Successful Techniques for motivating people to do what you want
  • Change Management

People Development Training performed in the following areas

  • Goals / Definite Major Purpose                 Self-Image
  • How to attain Self Confidence                   Focused Perception
  • How to shape your Personality                  Accurate Thinking
  • Attitude                                                  Belief Systems
  • Self-Talk / Affirmations                            Mental Imaging & Visualization
  • Mirror Techniques                                    Mind Control
  • Mental Imaging                                        Power Of the Subconscious Mind
  • The Magic of painting mind picture            Conquering Fear
  • Commitment                                           Focus / Discipline
  • Personality Testing                                  Identifying Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Breaking Habits that hold you back          Developing Productive Success Habits
  • Courage to take Action                            Courage to take Responsibility
  • Make your emotions work for you              Change or be changed
  • Turning Problems into Opportunity            Emotional Intelligence
  • How to become a person of influence

David’s Certification

David’s experience and expertise comes from his hands on approach to any project and from the myriad of people that have guided and mentored David in his journey through his Career, Corporate and Life. In addition to numerous programs that David had attended the following are specific programs that he found extremely helpful in self and people development.

  • Mt Eliza School of Management – South Australia
  • Anthony Robbins – NAC (Neuro Associative Conditioning)
  • Skip Ross – Dynamic Living Seminars
  • John Maxwell – Leadership & Mentoring Programs
  • Jim Dornan – People Empowerment
  • Doug Weed – Strengthen Self (PA to President Bush)
  • PA Consultants – HR Consultants
  • Dennis Whitley – Psychology of Winning
  • OG Mandino – Secrets of Success
  • Zig Ziglar – Self Image / Sales Training & Close Techniques.

Sample Recommendation on David’s Work:


  Bharathan Prahalad – Role – Heading the Talent Management function for the ASIA Region at KLA Tencor Corporation

David is a Great Trainer and a top notch Learning Consultant, but not many people in my network know that he was one of the few people who mentored me as I started preparing for a new role in Talent Management covering the entire ASIA region.

Overflowing with tremendous positive energy, David comes with tremendous expertise in the area of developing and accelerating performance of talent within the Organization.

He has the natural ability to understand client requirements while adapting quickly creating custom made solutions that are very effective in getting the desired results sometimes even exceeding those expectations as well.

It has been an exciting experience learning from David and even more so in witnessing the positive impact while applying that learning in real-time corporate situations.


  Ranganathan T S – Media Anchor, Business Entrepreneur, Musician, Producer, Director

David is an amazing Coach, A fantastic philosopher, a great guide. He is a very passionate performer and also a very compassionate human being… He is a very special person in our life and will remain so forever. He is our first coach, who taught us life principles and endorsed our value system.
Thank you David for coming into our life…



  Ranjan De – Dean – Academics at Arch Academy of Design


I had heard a lot about David Nair’s’ IXL Career training and development workshops, long before I had attended one, while being at Faculty at Pearl Academy of Fashion, Chennai.
Having attended 3 of his workshops i can vouch for the fact that David is an amazing Life Coach, A fantastic philosopher, a great guide. He is a very passionate witty performer and also a very compassionate human being… He is a very special person in my life and with his emphatic approach and warmth will remain so forever. He is my coach, who taught me about life principles and endorsed and enhanced my value system, and showed me how all that made a difference to our dreams and achieving our life goals.
Thank you David for coming into my life…
Affectionate Regards
Ranjan Deless


  Richard Murray – Senior VP of World Wide Engineering, Operations & Support at Collabnet Inc.

David provided executive coaching at our Chennai, India site. He provided incisive advice and a structured approach to measuring improvement across some key areas, particularly around cross group collaboration and on establishing corporate mission alignment. Our Chennai site has since grown to be a strategic venue for the company taking ownership of R&D, Hosting & Support for many Products.


   Sharon Vardon – Fashion, apparel & accessories stylist, photo shoots, visual content creator for social media & visual merchandising.

A great mentor and friend for life, Mr. David Nair is a warm and intuitive person who has always been ready to extend his time, support and knowledge towards helping me understand myself better. I’ve had the absolute pleasure of being a part of his trainings on self-realization, personality development, emotional intelligence, achieving of goals and lots more. He’s been a wonderful teacher and continues to be one. A definite thumbs up if you ever get the opportunity to interact with Mr. David Nair and be a part of his trainings. His trainings open you up to a different perspective of life…& help you overcome your limitations; both professional and personal…Best wishes & a thank you to Mr. Nair & his team for their life changing trainings!!!

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