02 Jan

Happiness is a choice!

Happiness is a Habit!

Hence make 2022 year your Happy year

10 pointers to lead that happy life…

1. ‘If it is to be it is up to me’ — you take responsibility for and the environment around you — Sleep and Healthy Food. It is hard to have a great mental state without a great physical state!

2. “Fill your cup of Love & Life first” Spend time with you

3. “Learn & practice Empathy” it is not how much you KNOW, instead of how much you CARE

4. “You are provided with two ears and one mouth” use it proportionately

5. “Compliment Others” automatically releases positive neurochemicals in the brain which makes them feel good as well as makes you feel good

6. “Communicate with Care, and be Assertive” this is a skill, not a talent, hence it’s learnable

7. “Practise Gratitude” With gratitude surprising how the universe unfolds

8. “Me Time” 30 mins morn & 30 mins night practice set rituals

9. ‘Work & Build your CANI’ ( continuous & never-ending improvement ) check my book for hooks to focus. Click on the link below to buy a copy of my book!

10. “You are a combo of five of the people you most hang out with” Hang out with Butterflies, you become a Butterfly. Hang out with Flies you become a Fly.

“Life will never be the Same Again”.


David Nair

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