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A perspective of goal setting was written by one of my past participants – Varsha Manish. Although its dates to 2014, the process Varsha shares, of aligning goals with one’s character in this blog is still applicable today. She had used the same process in achieving a host of goals in all sectors of her life. Today, Varsha is married and expecting her first baby, she has a very successful, harmonious life.  

Love to share Varsha’s perspective on Goal setting.   

It is that time of the year. Some are wondering how 2013 passed by very quickly. Some are reflecting on how effectively they spent the last year. How much have they grown or how much are they lagging behind their expectations? Some are busy jotting down their goals for 2014. Some are unaffected. Years come and go; they choose to go with the flow.

Anyway, if you have planned goals for this year, I have something important to share with you. Even if you do not have specific goals for the course of this year, we all want something at every point in life. Most of us are wired that way.  

Do you give enough thought to what you truly want to do? Or are you just playing around?

 For example, there are people wanting to learn guitar because they think it is cool to play the guitar. There are people wanting to hit the gym because their neighbours seem divinely motivated to work out. There are people who travel so that they brag about their experiences to others. Is this your definition of setting goals? Or are you being fair to yourself and to life and are accountable for it?

A person’s goals reveal a lot about his character, his deepest desires, his longings and what he feels to be his purpose in life. Let us peek into the process of goal setting.  

  1. You get into deep introspection. 
  1. You set a goal.  
  1. You reach out for the required resources.  
  1. You get into the process of achieving it.  
  1. You are brave enough to ask for the required help. 
  1. You reach it.  
  1. You are not the same person that you were at step one. 

Now, it is not the fulfilment of the goal that brings joy. Real joy is when you look back and see how much you have grown internally in the process.

How much it has altered and moulded your personality. How far have you reached in becoming what you want to be? What kind of person were you when you began and what are you at the end.

Fulfilment of the goal gets you high temporarily, but it is this realization that brings you joy that doesn’t fade away with time, it becomes a part of you and becomes one of the many things that define you. So goals are very personal for they have the capability to strike chords in your deep inside.  

What happens when you do not resonate with your goal? You might give up on the smallest of obstacles. You might not feel empowered enough to reach the destination. Your focus might shift and you might not want to achieve it any longer. You might hate yourself for fooling around. Waste of time and effort, isn’t it?  

David Nair taught me how to set the right goals. I ask myself questions like why am I doing this? Where did I get this desire from? What does this mean to me deeply? How is this related to the entity that I am on the inside?  Will it bring out my capabilities and let go of my limitations? Will this help me evolve to become that person I want to be? Ask questions that mean to you personally. Reflect on what, why, when of it, the universe will take care of the how. And you would be amazed to see how you just flow through the entire process crossing the obstacles, overcoming the limitations, effortlessly.  

Thank You David for the continuous support and for exposing me to look at Life from a different perspective. God Bless

Varsha Manish

December 2013

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Wealth Accumulation

Most of us journey through our lives on autopilot mode, without giving a second thought to accumulating wealth.

We work, and work, and work to sixty years old, retire and within six months get back to the workforce as a consultant. Why? To maintain that lifestyle..?

Many people work hard to create that inflow but do not give a second thought to investing and amassing wealth. 

Amass wealth, like the foundation to a home, or a well-rooted tree that will sustain any tsunami. 

What if we show you a tested PROCESS utilising your Tangible & Intangible skills? 

Come see how we play this game of wealth accumulation.

How David in his 30’s was guided by a Wealth Coach to amass seven properties under his belt. 

 Please Note:- The guide was not his friend, relative or work colleague. The guide was a Wealth Coach.   

 In addition look at how David played it forward in sharing this process to the myriads of participants, he had coached and mentored over the last three decades. How a few of them by the time they were in their 30’s had built a portfolio of 1 Cr. 

David always share this anecdote:- if you are earning $100,000 most of your colleagues will be earning $100,000 (plus or minus 10%), a few would seek guidance from peer and above – someone a couple of tiers above you.  

What advice can your colleague provide – only to earn what he is earning, $100,000, whereas you are wanting to earn $ 500,000.?Hence go look for someone, who has done the walk the walk – someone who has the track record to earn $ 500,000 plus. 

Look out for what’s in the program that David has put together – Pinnacle of Wealth ( PoW) sessions…. Your Northern Star to Freedom. 

For now, subscribe to his Social Media Channel

and look out for future notices to be part of this wealth Accumulation movement. 

Cheers, David Nair

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Happiness is a choice!

Happiness is a Habit!

Hence make 2022 year your Happy year

10 pointers to lead that happy life…

1. ‘If it is to be it is up to me’ — you take responsibility for and the environment around you — Sleep and Healthy Food. It is hard to have a great mental state without a great physical state!

2. “Fill your cup of Love & Life first” Spend time with you

3. “Learn & practice Empathy” it is not how much you KNOW, instead of how much you CARE

4. “You are provided with two ears and one mouth” use it proportionately

5. “Compliment Others” automatically releases positive neurochemicals in the brain which makes them feel good as well as makes you feel good

6. “Communicate with Care, and be Assertive” this is a skill, not a talent, hence it’s learnable

7. “Practise Gratitude” With gratitude surprising how the universe unfolds

8. “Me Time” 30 mins morn & 30 mins night practice set rituals

9. ‘Work & Build your CANI’ ( continuous & never-ending improvement ) check my book for hooks to focus. Click on the link below to buy a copy of my book!

10. “You are a combo of five of the people you most hang out with” Hang out with Butterflies, you become a Butterfly. Hang out with Flies you become a Fly.

“Life will never be the Same Again”.


David Nair

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