How does a Blind Judge Build Mental Resilience? 

14 Dec
In one of my interviews with Richard Bernstein a Blind Chief Judge, from the Supreme Court of Michigan, I asked him for his perspective of what it takes to build Mental Resilience. What does Richard need to do daily to stack up against his mental tenacity such that he could cope sitting on the bench to pass judgements for 25 cases a week?  
 Crimes range from simple misdemeanour (petty crimes) to million-dollar Fraud within companies, between individuals, embezzlement, divorce, murder, and many other litigation issues that come across the bench.  

Richard shares the mental strength that he puts to wade through these cases. As a blind judge, what does it take for Richard to keep up with the case briefs, as he cannot read nor write? How does Richard as a physically impaired person, soak in this data? Why does he walk 20km a day? Why does he compete in triathlons? How does he balance the emotional highs and lows, working with a broad cross-section within the community? How does he do the required research and case citations to wade through for an outcome?  

On soaking in the data, how does Richard pull it all together and still maintain composure whilst on the bench? Is there a secret to it all? 

I have raised questions around this subject, for more on it I would sincerely urge you to listen to my Ten News Interview with Judge Richard Bernstein  

David Nair

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