What is your Purpose in Life?

21 Nov

Benefits of Living a Purpose Driven Life.

Dexter Yager, a Multilevel Marketer, Crown Ambassador with the Amway Corporation, made this comment in the mid sixty’s “If your dream is big enough, The Facts don’t count.” In the same vein, I would go on to say, “If your Why is Big enough, The Facts don’t Count.”

Your Why will drive you to achieve whatever it is you want, out of life, no matter what life throws at you. Because of that Why, you will work through that task filled with passion, commitment dedication and gusto, ensuring the end is met, not in any other way but in an extraordinary way.

“When Your Why is Clear,

Your What, When, Where, Who, and How falls into Place.” -David Nair

A Definite Major Purpose (DMP), is the panacea to life’s concerns, issues, turmoil, turbulence etc. I feel it is the cure-all and the prime driver for a person, from the simplest act of bouncing out of bed on a Monday morning to go to work, to, resolving the more complex matters that life throws at us.

A Purpose Driven life will help in the following areas:

Keep the person focused on the main thing, being the main thing. Such dogged determination helps a person find their direction and not be swayed by distractions, hence staying on the main thing being the main thing — Their Goal.

It helps in generating your passion towards achieving the required outcome for that goal. This becomes the fuel in pushing you towards extraordinary performance rather than a mediocre average outcome.

People with a DMP, become unstoppable in their mission, whilst those without a purpose would be meandering through life from pillar to post, with dissatisfied outcomes through that journey.

Interesting enough, purpose-driven people have a different aura around them. Their forebrain is immersed in that purpose, such that the decisions, thoughts and feelings and actions are all around that purpose. They walk, talk, and sleep the purpose, hence encouraging a feeling of gratefulness.

It is understood, their purpose enables them to not just have values, instead have high values, and at the same time enhance their level of empathy for others. It also becomes surprising to observe, the type and standard of goals they tend to set and achieve at a different plane. They tend to draw like-minded people.
A purpose-driven person is clear on who he/she is, what they are about, and why are they on this planet. It helps them live a life with Integrity.
This purpose-driven person will portray an increase in their synchronicity towards their Life. They tend to live a holistic life, ensuring its well balanced. The serendipity within themselves reflects an aura that others get drawn towards. This becomes a cornerstone of their build of trust and faith in their community. By so doing, they reflect, living a life of grace.
It is understood, the roll-on from this built holistic person with grace comes “FLOW.” The universal stream of consciousness, commonly referred to as “they roll with the flow.”Hence nothing deters them, they do not fright to achieve, they challenge themselves to strengthen themselves instead of being fearful.

As Purpose is part of their life, therefore they live every moment of it to the fullest with enthusiasm and passion. Pleasure becomes part of their life; hence they are better at tackling every situation that comes to them in a creative way. They are always able to see the good in any situation when they are driven with a Definite Major Purpose.

The above, as so succinctly put by the German poet, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe:

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness.”

When you commit to living your life with a purpose, the world becomes your oyster — amazing things happen.

Look out for the forthcoming book, YOUR WHY? in all leading Book outlets, globally.

David Nair

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