The plight of a dolphin in need to be free

20 Oct

One of the stories I came across recently was the deep dives of an Italian Diver.

One weekend, in a father/daughter bonding exercise, the famous Italian diver, Enzo Maiorca, was swimming in the warm waters of the Syracuse sea. His daughter, Rossana was on board their boat whilst Enzo was frolicking around in the water before he commenced his dive.

As Enzo was about to commence his dive down, he felt something lightly nudged his back. On turning he noticed a dolphin was by his side. Dolphins are renowned for their playful nature. Enzonoticed something unusual about this Dolphin. It was not playful, or calm and in sync with the flow of water. Instead, he observed a dolphin that was agitated and kept nudging at Enzo and seemed to be pointing towards something.

The dolphin deep dived, and Enzo followed him with his daughter on tail. Once they got to 12 meters in depth, Enzo saw another Dolphin trapped in an abandoned net. Enzo ushered his daughter to pass on her set of diving knives.

In a few minutes of cutting and unwrapping the coiled dolphin from the net, Enzo and Rossana were able to free the dolphin.

They were uncertain how long this dolphin has been underwater. Its known dolphins can only last 10 minutes underwater. As Enzo and Rossana worked on untangling the net off the caged dolphin, the dolphin was using its strength to push itself out of the trap. The strength of the dolphin pushing through the cut gaps in the net helped unfree the caged dolphin. As the dolphin emerged from the water it emitted a loud scream — That breathe for air.

That freed stunned Dolphin with other dolphins within the family was still hovering around Enzo and Rossana. The leader of the pack of dolphins and other dolphins surrounded themselves around Enzo and Rossana, came up to them individually and nudged their face, (as if they were giving them a kiss), Their gesture of gratitude for saving one of their family.

An interesting comment made by Enzo at a convention when he shared this story — “Until man learns to respect and dialogue with the animal world, he will never be able to know his true role on our planet”.

Friends, we can extend the same in a different way.

How many of us are consciously sensitive to the pain that some of our relatives, friends, peers, and associates are going through. How many have been able to reach out and be that one moment, listening ear (check out one of my Eureka moment U tube video series on this topic — Hear beyond Hear)

A world-renowned Peak Performance coach had shared with me, how although he was around, he had consciously missed the signals that his father-in-Law was emitting before the father-in-law took his own li9fe hanging himself, leaving behind a wife and two kids.

Another case on hand, a strong forthright Relationship Coach, who did not pick the signals from a friend’s husband of the pain and torment he was going through. As so succinctly put by the coach, they were a couple that look good, smelt good, and never in the coach’s wildest imagination would have thought what he was going through to end up taking his own life by shooting himself.

I personally have encountered numerous similar cases and close calls on suicide. For some unknown reason, these seem to happen between the hours of 1 am through to 3.30 am.

Sometimes when the phone rings — that cry for help, a hand reaching out from the pits of pain and sorrow. Are you there to take that call? It’s pointless amassing the recognition, material wealth etc, if that heart is not there to touch that soul at that moment.

“A Human Being, Being Humane” 

David Nair.

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