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Fear Perfection Start Excellence

I still remember the time when I use to be shy, lacking in confidence, always hiding behind someone else. I hesitate to participate in the competitions, skits and even the idea of talking to someone new scared me off, I used to hide behind my mother’s petticoat. I knew that was not going to take me anyway in life.

Life wasn’t easy but the one thing that was stopping me was the fear of not being perfect and wanted to be as good as so and so.

A million and one questions were rolling in my head.

·       What if people laugh at me?

·       What would so and so say?

·       What if they don’t like me?

·       What if they make me feel bad about myself?

·       How embarrassing if I faltered on the talk?

But instead of this I still stood up and went to participate in every competition out there because my mother encouraged me to do so.

​And yes, people do laugh and make many comments on me, but I was still there on the stage, winning over my fear.

Now I run workshops in multiple countries, am a Keynote speaker in several cities around the globe, and have trained more than 250000 people, published my book and running successful businesses.

So, what is that one thing that is stopping you from getting out of your butt, and start talking to people, getting to interact at meetings writing your blog? taking video clips of yourself, putting those clips up on YouTube channel? Etc.

What is that one thing you’re afraid of? Sit down think about it. Find out ways of how to overcome that challenge. Go to seminars learn from books etc. Or, are willing to sit still where you are twiddling your thumb,.and being that way for the rest of your life.

The fear that is engraved in our hearts since we were kids, to do everything properly, to not make mistakes but it’s the time to unlearn some of those hard and fast habits that are not productive and not leading you to achieve what you want to achieve out of your life.

Do not even think Perfection is the standard to aim for in life. There are many steps to work towards excellence, rather than perfection. Accept the fact that it is okay to make mistakes, to fall, to lose,as long as we do not give up.

But it is important to make that first step because if you don’t try you won’t know.

Always remember that to achieve anything in our life, we should always follow the 3Ps

· Practise

· Patience

· Perseverance

Perfection is nowhere on this scale, instead work towards Excellence, with a focus on completing your task with true inner happiness as you roll through that task.

“Always remember, how do you eat an Elephant? One bite at a time.” Desmond Tutu

David Nair

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“To-Do List” – Value Add or Valueless to your daily operations?

Did you know that your unfinished “to-do list” can give you negative vibes and create a failure programming in your belief system?

A“to-do list” is an asset to some people hence, a positive tool

It could sometimes have a negative impact. Others might find “to-do lists” motivating and organized, but on another side, when we fail to meet the more complete “to-do list,” we unconsciously program a negative thought into ourselves for non-completion of that task.

This immediately triggers the Hunter instinctive mind in us, which in the first instance through autopilot mode is conditioned to see what task is incomplete. It then proceeds to see what is complete.

Why is this the case? Our brain is hardwired to initially approach a situation from a Self – Preservation standpoint.

Therefore “to do List” might not be the right instrument to measure and track our performance in achieving our goals. This negative influence on our conditioning will build up and fill us with self-doubt, which triggers us questioning our capabilities and self-esteem.

Such repeated falls become a demotivator in us trying to achieve our long-term goals. Such repeated results will stop us from taking action. This becomes overwhelming and multiple such falls will stop us from seeing the outcomes we had planned to achieve.

We often go through this state when we just commence with our “to-do lists”.

In the heat of enthusiasm, we try to push ourselves beyond our limit but what we end up with finally is negative stroke and doubts. Learn to be consciously aware of the right way to move towards your goals to achieve or accomplish them. Work on the process in the right way by first Knowing You, then, Building You.

Each one of us is unique; hence we will need a plan customized for ourselves, which is suitable for us to use, and which is self-motivating to keep us working at it till we manifest our goals.

Uncompleted “to-do lists” can create Unconscious Stress. Matters sometimes do not work out, the way you would like them to roll out. When you are in your most vulnerable state, is when you tend to take things personally.

This can be emotionally draining, and you will end up, constantly reevaluating your self-esteem. By not taking things personally, it gives you more control over how you respond, your emotions and your energy level. While a “to-do list” helps keep us on track, ever thought of a “stop doing list”?

The tasks we reach out to every single day to understand what needs to be done for the day but do not do it because it’s been on the back burner for so long. It has collected dust.

Simply put, it is a list of tasks or things you do not do, no matter what. It is a list that tells you, what you ought to not do so that by default you focus on what you are supposed to be doing.

Examples of a“stop-doing list”can be these items and more: –

  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Stop buying Great Deals on Flipkart and Amazon sales (the kinds you do not need but get lured into)
  • Stop checking emails/ Facebook constantly
  • Stop watching Netflix/tv beyond 30 mins a day
  • Stop being available to everyone all the time and it can go on etc. etc.

“The do it all on your Own” syndrome can sometimes be overwhelming. It is difficult and overwhelming to do the “stop doing list” and you will find it can help.

Please do drop us a line to share your thoughts on this concept and how you are working through it.

David Nair.

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