Intention – The Rudder to your Manifestation

27 Aug

Intent, a reflection of your spirit’s desire to create “a form” in the material world.

The only way to clearly translate that desire into physical reality is through action. Intent without dedicated action is simply hot air. Action without clear intent, a purpose and direction is a waste – a state of nothingness.

It is when these two powerful forces (Intent & Action) are aligned that the energy of the universe conspires in your favour to manifest the outcome.

Intent and action are the fuel and vehicle in the journey of creation. When you establish a destination by defining what you want, then take physical action by making choices that move you towards that destination, the possibility for success is limitless and arrival at the destination is inevitable. The universe always collaborates when this is in sync

A lot is written and spoken about on these forces, but few advocate the Balancing of these two powerful forces in your life!

  • Too much intent, coupled with too little action is a recipe for frustration and impotent existing.
  • Too much action with too little intent makes for wasteful exertion of energy and the confusion between movement and progress.

Synchroneity, the balance of these forces will unfold the seeds of happiness, success, and creation provided it is watered, nourished, and cared regularly, for the lotus flower to bloom.

Today is your day to harness these mega powers and put their limitless potential to work for you. The universe conspires in your favor the moment you deliver to it a clear message of balanced intent and action. Deliver your message today! Now….

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David Nair

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