Power of Association – whom you hang out with crystallizes your future

16 Jul

The brain’s hard-wiring may have a significant influence on character development. 

It is also true that the “culture” of a neighborhood/environment, plays a critical role. By culture, I mean the prevailing social norms, influential networks, and the behaviors expected by one’s family, friends and associates and colleagues 

Hence interesting to note whom you spend most of your time hanging out with? 

Put bluntly – you hang out with Flies, Liars, Cheats & Looser you become a Fly, Liar, Cheat & Loser.

You hang out with Butterflies, Winners & People with Credibility; you become a butterfly, Winner and a Person of Credibility…

Your Choice, Your Destiny… Your Why! 

Choose Wisely,

David Nair.

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