Human Being or Being Humane?

02 Jul

What does it take to be #Humane?

1. Being Humane is an ability to show great #compassion, #consideration, #care and #kindness for others

2. Being Humane is an ability to alleviate another’s #suffering

3. Being Humane is an ability to have #empathy for people suffering and in #distress

Before we can practice being humane, we need to live and walk these traits within us

• If we do not know what they are?
• If we do not have those traits how do we practice them?
• How do we do the “talk the talk” without doing the walk the walk

That’s why I keep saying and hold steadfast on this opinion –

1. People do things incorrectly because they don’t know ( I experienced it when I first came to India in 1998, took a number of years to understand, appreciate and work in passing the baton in up skilling them rather than getting annoyed for not meeting the standard. Once shown they Soared like Eagle.)

2. They are too shameful to admit that they don’t know.

3. They lack exposure

Hence we should not assume anything – it’s like putting a young child through kindergarten and starting its education with the 3R’s.

Similarly, we need this steamrolled across all communities.

 How? (STA)

#Show what it takes to be humane
 #Tell how it’s practiced
 #Act on it in real life

As I mentioned in my video recently — work on our self outwards. (Check my YouTube link here)

See how it impacts — from you to your inner influence circle, intermediate influence circle, and outer influence circle …..

The best way to step up and conquer this mammoth challenge of #RACISM — is through drip-feed #EXPOSURE

David Nair
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