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God-given Potential

Find the answer within…

For you have God-given potential 

Find the answer…

From three platforms…

Nothing beats Silence for that’s where the answer to all resides…. train yourself to get into this state

Nothing beats Reading for its home to solutions found from others expression, experience and education.

Nothing beats Association power of an inner circle core of minds for its home to strengthening and manifesting their common purpose; spending time mulling over the sizzle – the drawing power is in the sizzle, not the fire, talking round campfire where wisdom was passed from elders to upcoming elders, just talking, sharing, sketching, reflective is nurturing that purpose…

Some days I enrich from all three domains,

Some days from two

Some days from one…

Every day I would at least enrich from one domain… 

Yesterday and for quite some time now, I am grateful to have had all three domains to fill my hunger ( 3 meals a day) 

At times there would only be two meals or sometimes one meal – worry not for that’s your time of fasting, Building the reserve during winter months for summer…

Universe Bless (Om – On meditative mood)


David Nair

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A variety of bromides in bloom in our garden, as we head into winter….!

Interesting? Strange? 

Are the plants too affected by our current crisis?

For it to bloom during winter? 

Love to see this section of the garden in full bloom

As mentioned in my telecasted discourse “Flow & Longevity” with Meera Nair…

The power of working and feeling nature especially something you have put time and effort into nurturing.

Helps with the build of one’s serotonin levels – the Mood Stabilizer

Connect with David in the “IXL My Ten Minutes Challenge” community through this link for more on:

  • The Love Hormone
  • The Pain Killer
  • The Reward Chemical

Click on the below link to check out my recent discourse with Meera Nair about “Flow and Longevity”


David Nair

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Morning Routines

The world is saturated with calls for people to do daily rituals; to the point that many are saying enough is enough! Some are saying, what is so special about daily rituals? Why should we do them?

My call on this subject is quite simple. Why the need for rituals and Why do we have them?

Each of us, in this life, is given a precious gift by our Creator–Our BREATH of life. What we do with that life is our gift back to that Creator. We could return to the creator on a tray our work for the day.

How would your performance be if we measured it on a scale of 1 to 10? Would it be a 4, 6, 8, or even a 9 out of 10? For our performance to be at the higher end of the continuum, we need to have some cutting-edge practices.

It is interesting to observe like any sport when we apply these cutting-edge practices, huge dynamic shifts happen to the outcome that we put through. Hence, we could put a higher, more effective excellent performance on that tray in our next offering back to that Creator.

This cutting-edge practice, we commonly refer to as Daily Rituals.

It has also been proven that these rituals when performed at a specific time during the day, release a better outcome. Many, who understand this philosophy, do not go against this flow, instead work with it to achieve the best in performance.

We at IXL Academy promote three levels of Rituals– Basic (30 mins), Intermediate (60 mins), and advance (90 mins). The practices are discussed and worked, by our members in the Facebook Group. “IXL My Ten Minute Challenge”

Click on the link below to join in this amazing community.

David Nair.

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