Mentoring and Coaching

27 May

Such sustainable long-term links are built with care and nurture. Not a wham bang quickie in making a buck or in duping people by not standing to your word… what else is valuable?

It’s amazing to wade through the stories of the scramble up the ladder, done by many, who strife for personal gains in momentary, relationship, health, family matters. Always remember the nail hammered into a log will always leave an unfilled hole. Does not matter under which mushroom the culprit will hide, the universe will in time catch up and resolve.

Your integrity becomes your baseline – all else is immaterial. Does not matter how this malpractice is camouflaged their conscience will always haunt them.

“All because of a momentary lapse of emotional competence in making the wrong decision, the spat of anger, anxiety, or listen to the inexperienced voice of a friend or relative. Despite the turbulent time, the key was in the word “communicate”

The art to communicate 

Always remember this,

Communication in any relationship is like blood to live.

You take blood away, what happens to Life?

It dies

You take communication away from a relationship, what happens to the relationship

It dies …

“Life will never be the same again”

David Nair

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