Map your Desire correctly for Manifestation

27 Jan

A flow on from yesterday’s blog: Now that we have commenced a relationship with DESIRE, and know how to handle and dislodge the DOUBT element, we can progress on to mapping the desire.

Desire Mapping is a holistic Life Planning Tool. Vision board 2

Many have worked on resolutions year after year and wonder why within weeks of setting their resolution the Tsunami has uprooted that resolution. In most cases resolutions do not work, they are what I referred to in my previous article, residing on the Material or Realistic side. They do not have what it takes for progressing through to the end. They are fear driven, and come from the place of motivation (hot bath) rather than from Universe. Those resolutions would have lots of measurable, with tasks set to do, but with little or no FEEL VITALS.

On the other hand, goal setting with the soul, with desire, with the feel factor is wholesome and well- grounded for achievement.

So, in this context, what is this DESIRE? It basically is everything that surrounds the journey to that fulfilled achievement. It is the material and non-material elements that contribute towards the achievement of the goal. Any idea of desire will be manifested, provided it is natured well.

So in ensuring desire is manifested well, the environment should be set right…. What’s that? The way you feel, what you draw towards you, the choices you make, the meaning to life you create, the service to life and in so doing you become a DELIBERATE CREATOR.

optimism 3Guy’s it is like, we want to bring so much of value to our life, as always carrying the optimistic, hopeful attitude of really expecting  things are going to manifest and we are going to succeed in it, and be happy not miserable. Unfortunately no sooner do we set that thought in concrete, we straight away neutralize a large part of our efforts because in most cases, our mental attitude does not correspond with what we are thinking and want.

We are really working towards a goal, but our thoughts and actions are really expecting something else. We fall in our lack of commitment, focus, dedication, and association power, all of this obstacle and on account of that we shrink our dreams and aspiration, we downsize it to the current condition and the environment we are in.

We get what we expect, that is adjusted for these obstacles.  How could we expect wheat, when we plant corn, or expect mangos when we plant sago? Think, so for true manifestation to take place our mental attitude cannot be hostile to that expectation, not even one degree variation. That is what FOCUS / DEDICATION / (the endless list of intangibles), you will need play with, like kneading dough for that pastry. Feel it, Touch it, Smell it, Taste it and smell it, Just manifest itthat what gives it your all, until the goal is achieved.

We cannot hold on to poverty thought attitude and expect prosperity thinking expectation.  We need to shed that poverty thinking attitude, processes, associations, and water, fertilize, water, fertilize, water, and fertilize that field as we journey through the expectation. In so doing, the expectation unfolds and is manifested…. Cheers David

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2 responses to “Map your Desire correctly for Manifestation

  1. Preeti

    January 28, 2014 at 4:29 am

    Thank you for that profound article. The article very clearly points out that we need to be the deliberate creator of our dreams and hence goals. We often struggle due to environmental stress and more so because our goals are inter twined with the people around us. We allow others’ opinions and thoughts pollute and demean our goals leading to frustration and dis interest.
    To take the power to protect our goals and dreams is very well conveyed in this article..


    • davidnair

      February 3, 2014 at 1:45 pm

      Appreciate your feedback… yes that has been the challenges encountered… whatever little flame there is in oneself, is extinguished by the environmental influence …
      Little do people realise what this does to a person…. that is why I principally advocate the right association power and the link to a mentor to move upwards… Cheers great to have your comment.



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