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Map your Desire correctly for Manifestation

A flow on from yesterday’s blog: Now that we have commenced a relationship with DESIRE, and know how to handle and dislodge the DOUBT element, we can progress on to mapping the desire.

Desire Mapping is a holistic Life Planning Tool. Vision board 2

Many have worked on resolutions year after year and wonder why within weeks of setting their resolution the Tsunami has uprooted that resolution. In most cases resolutions do not work, they are what I referred to in my previous article, residing on the Material or Realistic side. They do not have what it takes for progressing through to the end. They are fear driven, and come from the place of motivation (hot bath) rather than from Universe. Those resolutions would have lots of measurable, with tasks set to do, but with little or no FEEL VITALS.

On the other hand, goal setting with the soul, with desire, with the feel factor is wholesome and well- grounded for achievement.

So, in this context, what is this DESIRE? It basically is everything that surrounds the journey to that fulfilled achievement. It is the material and non-material elements that contribute towards the achievement of the goal. Any idea of desire will be manifested, provided it is natured well.

So in ensuring desire is manifested well, the environment should be set right…. What’s that? The way you feel, what you draw towards you, the choices you make, the meaning to life you create, the service to life and in so doing you become a DELIBERATE CREATOR.

optimism 3Guy’s it is like, we want to bring so much of value to our life, as always carrying the optimistic, hopeful attitude of really expecting  things are going to manifest and we are going to succeed in it, and be happy not miserable. Unfortunately no sooner do we set that thought in concrete, we straight away neutralize a large part of our efforts because in most cases, our mental attitude does not correspond with what we are thinking and want.

We are really working towards a goal, but our thoughts and actions are really expecting something else. We fall in our lack of commitment, focus, dedication, and association power, all of this obstacle and on account of that we shrink our dreams and aspiration, we downsize it to the current condition and the environment we are in.

We get what we expect, that is adjusted for these obstacles.  How could we expect wheat, when we plant corn, or expect mangos when we plant sago? Think, so for true manifestation to take place our mental attitude cannot be hostile to that expectation, not even one degree variation. That is what FOCUS / DEDICATION / (the endless list of intangibles), you will need play with, like kneading dough for that pastry. Feel it, Touch it, Smell it, Taste it and smell it, Just manifest itthat what gives it your all, until the goal is achieved.

We cannot hold on to poverty thought attitude and expect prosperity thinking expectation.  We need to shed that poverty thinking attitude, processes, associations, and water, fertilize, water, fertilize, water, and fertilize that field as we journey through the expectation. In so doing, the expectation unfolds and is manifested…. Cheers David

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The Cancerous “Doubt” – Its removal!

expectancy Whatever the unconscious is taught to expect it will go and source for it, working in line with the universe. Therefore our heart longings, our soul aspirations are more than mere vaporing of imagination and idle dreams. They are indicators of what can be achieved. They are our KPI’s the height of our aim or our efficiency.

From the time the idea flickers in our mind, of wanting something, yearning for it with all our heart, we commence a relationship with that DESIRE. Like any relationship for it to grow and blossom in beauty, we need to nurture it, feed it, nourish it, care of it and love it, only then will it become a wholesome developed MANIFESTATION OF THAT DESIRE.  This is commonly referred to the IDEAL SIDE of life –living …….   MANIFESTATION SIDE

Unfortunately for most of us we live too much in the material side, the realistic side – not enough in the ideal side. The secret of all secrets is to live mentally in this ideal side, which we wish to make real. (Commonly referred as the Dream world)

As an example, to keep constantly in our mind the ideal man or woman we would like to become. We need to hold that image of that “ideal” person in whole and when any disease to affect that image or the slightest suggestion (in word or thought) to belittle our self, arises, we will need to immediately strangle that disease that inferiority thought. We should never allow our self to dwell upon our weakness, deficiencies or failures.

For this seed to germinate, we need to work, work, and work at it constantly through life, until it becomes second nature, until it becomes A HABIT, until it happens – like an AUTO PILOT. When the thought of pulling one-self down, starts in our mind, we should immediately forcefully create the SWITCH to prevent that belittlement, stop that cancerous pull down.

When we achieve this state, there is tremendous power created in this HABIT OF EXPECTANCY, I can fd9ca892-5266-11e3-806b-22000a893e09-mediumof believing we can realize our ambition, that our dream, whatever it is can come true.

There is no uplifting habit than that of bearing a hopeful attitude, of believing that things are going to turn out well and not ill. We need to constantly carry this optimistic, expectant attitude – the attitude which always looks for and expects the best, the highest, the happiest and never allow one to be pessimistic, discouraging mood.

We need to believe with all our heart that we will do what we were made to do. At no point should we allow that cancer of DOUBT to enter our thinking. When it does, and it will keep coming back many times, the pattern of habit that we built above should auto pilot its way into drive that cancer out?

We should only entertain friendly thoughts that will help nurture that desire. It does not matter what we are trying to do, achieve, from the time that idea is created, we need to always assume an expectant, hopeful, optimistic attitude. When the mind has formed the habit of holding cheerful, happy, prosperous pictures, it will not be easy to form the opposite habit.

The very habit of expecting that the future is full of good things for us, that we are going to be prosperous and happy, that we are going to have a fine family, a beautiful home, amass enough material and non- material wealth and we are going to stand for something. This is one of the faithbest forms of capital to start and live a fulfilled life.

What is persistently, passionately and with feeling  expressed through visualisation & affirmation is achieved, even though it may seem unlikely, or impossible to achieve, provided  we live and express in the IDEAL, the things we want to come true in our lives, whether it is good health, noble character, or a superb career……..

Enjoy this practice and share your outcomes.

Cheers David Nair

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How Will You Turn Your Dreams Into Reality?

The sixties saw the birth of many great social game changers … Martin Luther King, President JFK, Nelson Mandela, Castro just to name a few. Many might not be aware of what some of these “great men” did to create change and catapult the world to the stature it is today. One of the top reformers is Martin Luther King, in his speech, “I have a Dream” crystalizes and framed the blue print for the racial discrimination laws of US and the rest of the world. The right of the minority, leading up to the Minority Laws set in the US during the 60’s. Here Kings touches on realisation of Dreams. Check it out. Cheers David

Coley Catalano

Today is the day that we celebrate the man who changed history forever. Martin Luther King, Jr. saw injustice in the world and decided that he would not stay silent. He stood up for his people, his country, and for his God. He gave up his comfortability and convenience for the challenge of leading others. He understood that a better future could be achieved and made it his goal to see it happen. He did not let fear stop him because he knew that “God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control” (2 Timothy 1:7). He was a man of honor, courage, and faith.

“I come to say to you this afternoon, however difficult the moment, however frustrating the hour, it will not be long… How long? Not long, because the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” – MLK’s ‘Our…

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Person’s Goals reveals his Character

One of our Guest Bloggers perspective:  Goals reveal’s a person’s charater …….

Goals Character1It is that time of the year. Some are wondering how 2013 passed by very quickly. Some are reflecting on how effectively they spent the last year. How much have they grown or how much are they lagging behind their expectations. Some are busy jotting down their goals for 2014. Some are unaffected. Years come and go; they choose to go with the flow.

Anyway, if you have planned goals for this year, I have something important to share with you. Even if you do not have specific goals for the course of this year, we all want something at every point in life. Most of us are wired that way.

Do you give enough thought on what you truly want to do? Or are you just playing around. For example, there are people wanting to learn guitar because they think it is cool to play a guitar. There are people wanting to hit the gym because their neighbours seem divinely motivated to work out. There are people who travel so that they brag about their experiences to others. Is this your definition of setting goals? Or are you being fair to yourself and to life and are accountable for it?

A person’s goals reveals a lot about his character, his deepest desires, his longings and what he feels to be his purpose in life. Let us peek into the process of goal setting.

  1.      You get into deep introspection.
  2.      You set a goal.
  3.      You reach out for the required resources.
  4.      You get into the process of achieving it.
  5.      You are brave enough to ask for required help.
  6.      You reach it.
  7.      You are not the same person that you were at the step one.Goals mossion value

Now, it is not the fulfilment of the goal that brings joy. Real joy is when you look back and see how much you have grown internally in the process. How much it has altered and moulded your personality. How far have you reached in becoming what you want to be. What kind of person were you when you began and what are you at the end. Fulfilment of the goal gets you high temporarily but it is this realization that brings you joy that doesn’t fade away with time, it becomes a part of you and becomes one of the many things that define you. So goals are very personal for they have the capability to strike chords in your deep inside.

What happens when you do not resonate with your goal? You might give up for the smallest of obstacles. You might not feel empowered enough to reach the destination. Your focus might shift and you might not want to achieve it any longer. You might hate yourself for fooling around. Waste of time and effort, isn’t it?

David Nair taught me how to set the right goals. I ask myself questions like why am I doing this? Where did I get this desire from? What does this mean to me deeply? How is this related to the entity that I am in the inside?  Will it bring out my capabilities and let go of my limitations? Will this help me evolve to become that that I want to be? Ask questions that mean to you goals who U becomepersonally. Reflect on what, why, when of it, the universe will take care of the how. And you would be amazed to see how you just flow through the entire process crossing the obstacles, overcoming the limitations, effortlessly.



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Another Year, New sets of Goals ….. Oh No …. What’s it all for !!!!

ReflectionsAs 2013 came to an end, many would have gone through a reflective period thinking what are my plans for 2014?

As we ventured into the process of set resolutions, goals, and plans for the coming year, a thought or two would float into our mind … for some it will go this way, hello, you did the same as you closed the year 2012, and were planning to move into 2013. The same would have happened for the previous year, and the previous year. What is going to make this year any different. So why go through the process of setting goals… What is so different in 2014 to make the effort of setting goals?

The logically reasons are plentiful, it will give the drive, the motivation, the clarity, etc., etc., etc… the list is endless.

Very frankly in today’s approach none of this will cement a solid goal setting framework for anyone, any year let alone 2014.

Then what would be the most logically next question… How could we live without goals? We were taught by these developmental gurus, to set goals, break it and drive through the year.

Well …. Friends the illogical answer to this logical stance is very simple… sunrise 3

I am going to work through a number of principles and share them over the next few blogs such that the assimilation of these basic fundamentals would put a different approach to setting and achieving your expectations, this year and the coming year.

My approach through this and the next few blogs would be from a holistic approach, with particular focus on emotions and the commonly referred feel factor.

Many would have heard the common catch cry, “Success is the progressive realization of worthwhile dreams and goals”. This is logical; it is a very matter of fact statement. Is this going to take a person far? Success means different to different people. It is like asking for a black forest cake, instead a chocolate cake is provided. Would you settle for it? A resounding no would be the response from most people. So the factor that triggers inside of a person is more than success…

Earl Nightingale reframes this in a slightly different way. To him “happiness is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal, or goal”.

Well, happiness crosses all boundaries. It is from within, it is a flame, it’s the chocolate cream icing, with the strawberries on that black forest cake. Now that happiness sensation is different Eyeand carries more weightage than the success. The latter has body, fullness, feel factor, as opposed to the former being very stereotype, flat and ok so to speak. “I get you,” type of feeling, another success, so what… the inner sensational button to satisfy the basic human need is minimal. This is so succinctly put by Victor Frankl, the founder of logotherapy, “the greatest human need of human being is for a sense of meaning a sense of purpose in Life, an inner unexplainable emotion”  – Happiness.

Look out on my next blog, I will be expanding into Desire mapping and Core Desire feelings as the pressure points for goals Cheers davidnair

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Power of Thoughts

I Can & I WillDay 2: Reflective Moments: The power of our thoughts and feelings allows us to manifest our desires. The challenge is, in harnessing our ever shifting perspectives, so that we can focus upon the thoughts, that can make a positive difference.

Working with our thoughts consciously, allows our awareness and experience of life to unfold its potential. The key is to be open to change, and express ourselves from a higher perspective on life.

“By choosing your thoughts,
and selecting which emotional currents you will release
and which you will reinforce,
you will determine the quality of your light.
You will determine the effects that you will have upon others,
and the nature of the experience of your life.” Gary Zukav

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We Control, Our Mental Attitude

sunrise 3FB Happy Day One of 2014….. Thought I would start the day with one of the top writers in the world of Self Development…. Napoleon Hill….. I recall one of my mentors used to get us to study, discuss and apply a page of the book a day… This is the extract that I felt would be befitting for a start in a new year….

“Start right where you stand and become the master of yourself. Start now!. Be done forever with the old self which has kept you in misery and want. Recognise and embrace the ‘other self’ which give you everything your heart craves. Remember it is profoundly significant that the only thing over which you have complete control is your own mental attitude!. For this is the Master Key to Riches! ”

“The Master Key To Riches” Napoleon Hill, 1965

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