A map of the 90 corporations responsible for 63% of global carbon emissions since 1854

25 Nov

The last three weeks of climatic incidents that happened in Phillipines, Middles East, America North Asia and Australia, is an alert sign for us to really take stock of what is truly happening to the world on account of climatic change factors, and carbon emmision is one main contributing factor towards this disharmony.

Take stock, see what little or small each of us could do in your community to create that shift.

We are all familar with the story of the flapping wings of the butterflies in the East and how that ripple as it travels through to the West does enlarge itself to a cyclone. that same applies here.

Let each of us take stock to do our little share such that the voice is heard through the community to the respective bodies and in time the shift will happen within the UN……

Cheers Have a fun filled day….

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