The River of Life as experienced by a Professor & a Boatman

30 Jan

There was once a professor who wanted to go down the river, so he approached a local boatman who agreed to row him down stream for a small sum of money.

As they made their way downstream, the professor decided to show off his intelligence and high education so he decided to test the boatman.

Taking up a stone he picked from the river bank, the professor asked the boatman, “Have you ever studied geology?” The boatman looked at him and said Eh! …. No, hardly even understanding what the word meant.

The professor then said, “I am afraid, 25% of your life is gone.” The professor loftily says. The boatman feels really bad about his ignorance but continues to row on.

As they move further downstream, the river currents begin to get stronger and stronger and stronger. The professor picks a leaf up and asks condescendingly, “Boatman, have you studied botany”. Confussed the boat man again said No.

The professor again shakes his head and says, 50% of your life is gone. He then signals him to carry on rowing. As they move downstream, the currents gets even stronger, and stronger, the water is moving faster, and the boat is beginning o sway violently.

Suddenly the professor sees a mountain range, points at it and asks the boatman, “Have you studied geography?” Feeling very inferior and humiliated, the boatman again says No. The professor snaps back and says “I thought so” Then 75% of your life is gone.

At this point the river became a raging torrent. The water is moving so strongly that the boatman looses control of the boat and it smashes against the rocks and springs a leak and begins to sink.

This time the boatman turns to the professor and asks, “Professor do you know how to swim? to which the professor answer’s No. “Then I am afraid 100% of your life is gone.” And he leaps off the boat and powers his way to the shore.

The River of Life

Just like the river we are living in times of rapid and evolutionary change. In the river of life going gets faster and more unpredictable. So it is imperative we take stock, and just be the professor, or the professor, or the professor.

Change or be left behind

What used to take a decade to change merely takes a few months to change today. Example it took 50 years for cassettes to replace records. It took less than 10 years for compact disc to replace cassettes. 5 years for mini discs to appear and 3 years for mp3 players.

Mega billions made and lost overnight, due to obsolescence. Some companies can become world leaders. Similarly a professional with years of experience can become economically unviable within a short period.

The world must change or be changed!

There are 100 times more millionaires and many more billionaires than a decade ago.

Knowledge is Power, Application makes you Wealth

Some of the big names (Bill Gates, Larry Ellison –Oracle, Richard Branson – Virgin Group) with very little education got into the river of life and made wealth. How? Understand people and how to build that Rapport, thereby creating that chemistry for success.

Normal Education is important but not enough to make it in turbulent economic times like now, we need more

IQ + EQ + FQ + SQ +SQ to provide us the best Rate of Return on our Investment (our ROI)

To constantly take charge of our life, and be in control of our emotional state and bring out the best in our personal potential, we need to have a mindset of constant and never ending improvement.

KAIZEN or Continous & Never Ending Improvement

The flexibility to learn, unlearn and relearn. It is the ability to model excellence in a short period of time. It is able to respond to empowering ways to the events swirling around you

Circumstance control us or we control circumstance.

Those that lack the swimming skills will continue to be controlled by their external environment and ruled by fear of change and unpredictability. They will be frustrated powerless victims of the environment. Those that can swim will experience wealth success and fulfilment beyond their wildest dreams.

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One response to “The River of Life as experienced by a Professor & a Boatman

  1. Pam

    February 8, 2013 at 8:22 pm

    Gratitude is the practice of the presence of God!
    We have so much to be grateful for in life…….if we always see the cup as half full we will always live life to the full!
    Go and seize the day!



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