The Fish Behaviour – Rainbow Trout & Steel Head

24 Jan

(Message sent in by John Saunders)

Hi David Nair,

The other day I was eating sushi with my wife Kimberly and we were sitting at the bar watching the owner prepare some sushi. Now the owner is a pretty talkative guy. Once he gets started, it’s hard to get a word in, but he does have some interesting things to say.

He started telling us about the fish that he had available that day and which ones were the freshest. He mentioned Rainbow Trout and then he said something that really caught my attention. He said that Rainbow Trout (which is a fresh water fish) is the same species as the Steel Head (which lives most of its life at sea). They are exactly the same fish, but some will stay in the streams where they were born and some venture out into the ocean.

He said, “It just depends on what they decide to be when they grow up.”

Wow! I didn’t know fish were that complex.

The Steel Head that go into the ocean get much bigger than the Rainbow Trout because there is so much more for them to eat in the ocean than in the streams.

As I got to thinking about this, it occurred to me that their behaviour is a lot like our behaviour. Some people stay close to home and are content with where they are in life and others will go out and seek their fortune and reap life’s bounty, just like the Steel Head.

So we are all on this journey together searching for a way to get to that place of abundance and it takes some of us longer than others.

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