Resolution for 2013

18 Jan

Hi friends,

2013 is round the corner. Many have set the plans for 2103. Some are still thinking and wondering, I have done that in the past, and where has it taken me….

To all your questions / doubts, I would sincerely suggest you revisit and list your 2013 resolutions. Some might find it had to start. To help here is a starting point….

I shall later this week follow this article with another on the process of what needs to be done…Until then have a great time enjoying the festival season and just send some time on yourself… reflecting… silence is amazing.

Cheers David Nair

2013 Year Resolution

 I had in quarter four sent an email to past participants with a list of last year’s new resolutions December 23, 2011. The list had 90 points divided into the following categories:

  1. Self-Development
  2. Family
  3. Profession
  4. Pay it forward
  5. Financial

Today I am taking the liberty to cut down the list to 25 most effective points. Make your choice and prepare for the resolution 2013

Self development: Self development: Self development: Self development:

  1. Slim down your waist by 2 inches – 0.5      inches a quarter
  2. Join a video making class.
  3. Make your voice heard in by taking up      community initiatives – write to local newspapers or become an active      member of your community
  4. Buy a good notebook and write in your      daily journal
  5. Read one book a month.
  6. Develop your creative streak, practice      exercises from “The beautiful mind” by De Bono

Family: Family: Family: Family: Family

  1. Switch off the TV and spend an hour a      week of quiet time with your family playing a game.
  2. Create a video of your family      activities.
  3. Set mutually agreeable goals for every      family member and jointly measure progress every week.
  4. Together, learn a foreign language at      home, alternate as a student and teacher.
  5. Proactive impromptu speaking (Table      Topics) with your kids.
  6. Build a new network of seven families.

Profession: Profession: Profession: Profession: Profession: Profession:

  1. Network more and create 1000 new      professional connections in the year 2013
  2. Subscribe to one magazine on STRATEGY.
  3. Create a secondary profile – become a      Consultant, Advisor, Trainer or an Author.
  4. Cross connect with employees from your      top five business competitors – organization and become their trust      advisors and adversaries.
  5. Download a professional podcast or      YouTube educational programs and listen to them when travelling.

Pay it forward: Pay it forward: Pay it forward: Pay it forward:

  1. Teach professional skills to blue collar      workers – Computer skills, management skills, leadership skills, public      speaking skills.
  2. Spend an hour a month with less      privileged kids.
  3. Help four people get a job.
  4. Create a team of ten people to help less      privileged people.

Financials: Financials: Financials: Financials: Financials: Financials:

  1. Save 10% more.
  2. Invest 5% more.
  3. Identify four businesses that will pay      for your expertise.
  4. Learn to think like an entrepreneur by      focusing on results.

Life is about better planning and a better life is about executing better plans in time.
RECREATE YOURSELF in the year 2013.

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